10 Horror Android Game Best and Most Ceram

10 Horror Android Game Best and Most Ceram – you have the Android and plans to play a horror game?. It seems indeed horror game downloads already mushroomed in some places, as in the play store, there are many titles that are there. However, on this occasion I will provide a solution for those who want to download best horror game, here are some of the horror genre Android games that you can download and like to play, there are about 10 titles.

It seems indeed if we hear the word “horror” is definitely our feelings become uneasy, mixed into one. Especially for those of you who are timid soul, it is definitely not interested in games like this.

I remind you, this game just for you the high balls, for those of you who are not high balls do not try to play the games of this horror. Curious what? Let’s look more below.

Here is a row of horror games and horror best android that can be downloaded and you play:

10 Horror Android Game Best and Most Ceram1.

1. Curse Breakers: Horror Mansion

Curse Breakers Horror Mansion

Free games for android phone that is the first horror genre titled Curse Breakers: Horror Mansion. This game is the type of game point-and-click puzzle game, which is where you act as a curse breaker and you are required to explore a haunted house to uncover the secrets and dealing with the paranormal.

You can download Curse Breakers: Horror Mansion in playstore free, dare to try this game?

Download Curse Breakers: Horror Mansion HERE

2. Dead Space

The best horror game ranked second is titled Dead Space, it seems this is one shooter with a cohesive theme creepy. This game is one of many horror game with good graphics and creepy story. Control in the game is fairly simple and is designed such that it is designed so that you can focus on what’s going on in the game rather than worrying about the controls. Unfortunately, if you want to download this best android horror game in playstore not free, you have to pay about $ 6.99.

Download Dead Space HERE

3. Dead Trigger 2

This game tells the story in one place is fraught with danger, where the game called Dead Trigger 2 you will be curious and you want to make a U-turn to see what is behind you.

Granted this is not as scary as you imagine, but in this game you will do a great job to keep the distance with zombies crawled out and try to surround and kill you. Horror best android game can be downloaded for free in the play store.

Download Dead Trigger 2 HERE

4. Dungeon Nightmares

Before the game Five Nights At Freddy’s become one of the best games android horror, nominated for best horror game had previously been carried by this Nightmare Dungeon. A game that comes with this dark situation told how you must walk around the narrow room in the dark. Later, you will find a wide contact with all kinds of scary creatures.

In fact, this game is just like a creepy dream, where you are in the endless prison with no way out. There are candles that are available to help you through the narrow alleys that will be filled with strange creatures.

Download Dungeon Nightmare HERE

5. Eyes – The Horror Game

Best Android horror game this time titled Eyes – The Horror, which tells where you have to strike an abandoned house that is haunted by a ghost is horrible. The graphics in this game is actually quite good, and looks slightly better with the overall atmosphere. When you explore the house, the word “RUN!” Will appear on the phone screen android if you see a ghost around you. The goal of this game is to go as far as possible, collect more valuables and escape before the ghost creepy kill you. The game is available free, but for a free version would have appeared ad.

Download Eyes – The Horror HERE

6. Five Nights at Freddy’s 1, 2, 3, and 4

At this time the game you will play as a security guard who must supervise animatronic possessed. When you see between them, then they will not move but when you turned and did not see them, then they will run to come closer to you. This game can be downloaded at Playstore at a price of $ 2.99.

Download Five Nights at Freddy’s 1, 2, 3, and 4 HERE

7. Into The Dead

On the order of 7 to Android the best horror games occupied by the game with the title Into The Dead. This game is a zombie survival gameplay run as far as possible to avoid zombie (like Temple Run). At this game you are required to do a great job on the gritty and dark environment which is fraught with danger of zombies, you are required to save themselves from the zombie attack.

Download Into The Dead HERE

8. Limbo

This game will tell you where you play as a child looking for his brother in a scary place, monochrome world Limbo. Atmosphere with black and white design looks perfect and this is one of the most popular horror Android games for 2015 that you can play at night. This game is already getting an outstanding rating of 4.8 rating in the Google Play Store with more than 5000 total review.

Download Limbo HERE

9. Murder Room

Murder Room

Murder Room

Game called Murder Room is actually a horror game that is little known to many people, but for its gameplay still included creepy. In this puzzle game, you have to escape from confinement. Many visually quite annoying when you complete the main story of this game. It should be noted also to you, that this game is very difficult.

Download Murder Room HERE

10. The Slender Man and Slendrina series

The Slender Man and Slendrina series

The Slender Man and Slendrina series

And we have entered into the order to 10, wherein the tenth is no horror game that spelled the earliest in Android, the game Slender Man series. The Slender Man and Slendrina will tell you where you will explore some of the places that are not supposed to be explored. In this game you will be follow by a mysterious figure and will eventually be killed by the Slender Man or Slendrina depending on what title you play. You can download this game for free in the Play Store, but for this free version will be ads that appear on the game screen. Meanwhile, if you are not want ads to appear, you can buy the game for $ 1.45.

Download The Slender Man and Slendrina Series HERE

Well that’s all I can say about 10 Android Horror Game Best and Most Horror that you can both download and you play at home. Do you have the guts to play the game Android? please just try.