5 Applications Al-quran and translation For Android Phones

For every Muslim around the world in reading al-Quran is very obligatory for us to do. Al-Quran is a guide to life for every Muslim and Islamic people throughout the world, and certainly in reading al-Quran we can read it through the media directly from the Quran itself. And in the middle of the development in technology, as now seems we can also read the Quran through the applications on smartphones and also the translation of the al-Quran. For those of you who want to download the app al-quran and Translation below we provide a reference for you.


1. My Quran

For applications My Quran is made in Indonesia and one of the best applications that exist on the Quran. This application provides many advantages of which have a good design, and also make it easier for the user in finding juzz will be read. My Quran as well as the reader can also store the readings have we read and we can open it again to resume readings. In addition you can download this application easily through Google PlayStore once you’ve directly donate to the need.

2. Quran Indonesia

The next application is Quran Indonesian Quran, in this application in use it is easy and there Translation. Selian there is a plus that you get from this application there Audia Quran and also you can adjust itself to the existing design in the application. And users of this application is already quite a lot and you can download the application easily through Google PlayStore.

3. Quran and Translation

For applications this one is not much different from the application Qur’an in general, you can easily obtain this application via your smartphone by downloading it on google PlayStore. Further, the application of Al Quran and this is no audio Translation also where you can listen to the chanting verses of the holy Qur’an.

4. Al Quran Indonesian

Applications further Quran that you can use is the Indonesian Quran, for this application is an application that is very much in the download by smartphone users. Since this application has many advantages such as easy to use it, there is a way to learn to read the Quran recitation and there is also a collection of prayers. And for those of you who want to download the application you can obtain them through PlayStore.

5. Quran and Translation

For the latter application is the Quran Quran and translations, and this app is very fitting for those who want to learn to read the Quran properly. Since this application has great audio if we vote on one paragraph will be out the audio of the reading of the Qur’an that we choose. And you can get this application only through goole PlayStore.

That’s all the information we can convey to you about 5 Android Apps Quran and Translation, may be useful and good luck.