Android features N Developer Preview Released Google

Android features N Developer Preview Released Google – Not long ago the news about leakage, seepage Android features N popping up in a variety of media, one of the standout features that will reportedly undergo a change is in the Settings menu and also in the Notification bar. Even though up to now, Google has not sparked a new name for Android which will be prefixed with the letter N, the signs of the Android operating system N now beginning to appear.

It is revealed because a few days ago Google has officially released Android N Developer Preview and ready to be tested, only Android N Developer Preview only you can taste with smartphones like the Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player , Nexus 9 and Pixel C. But you do not need to worry, the Developer Preview version of this indicates that the changes and also the new feature that will indeed be present at the Android N is already in Android Marshmallow presented the successor of this it feels pretty surprising, because usually the new Google released the latest Android operating system after having held the Google I / O.

Then how the features of Android Developer N preview this? whether experienced a very significant change? arguably, yes, because it’s the latest Android features N would be focussed on the multitasking capabilities, enhanced notifications functionality, and improved battery life. Of course it is very interesting to discuss, let’s find out how changes there are, let’s discuss in further detail in the review below.

Latest Features Android N Developer Preview

1. Split-screen Multitasking Features

Split-screen Multitasking Features

After so long finally Google add split-screen multitasking mode for smartphones and tablets. This is a feature to ‘split’ or split-screen display that shows more than one application simultaneously. With this feature, you multitasking activities will increasingly feel comfortable, you can run multiple applications at once in one screen display. Even though this feature is not a new feature, because in the past Samsung has adopted the line of smartphones flagship product.

2. Improved On Notification Feature

Improved On Notification Feature

In addition to adding the ability to multitask with their split-screen multitasking feature, Google also improve the ability of the Android notification N by changing the look and also pinned the latest features in the notification bar. Where will all notifications either chat, sms, etc, will be bundled into one that is more simple and more modest impressed. One of the advantages compared to Android Android N Marshmallow is on this notification feature users can now reply to the incoming message directly from the notification, so you no longer are required to log into the app sms beforehand to reply to the message. This feature uses the same API as Android Wear, so any application that supports Android Wear requires no code changes at all.

3. Upgrades Battery Saver Mode Doze

Upgrades Battery Saver Mode DozeIf you currently own taste Android 6.0 Marshmallow, surely you are familiar with battery saver mode called “Doze Mode“. Doze mode is not a new feature, a battery saver feature is already available on Android Marshmallow. This feature proved capable of providing the battery life is becoming more durable, because basically this Doze Mode feature will automatically increase the ability in the affairs conserve battery life by setting notifications or applications running in the background proccess when the screen is turned off or when standby.

4. Supports 8 Java Programming language

Other interesting things from Android N Developer Preview is the presence of Java 8 that enable developers can now develop applications to support the programming language Java 8. The need to underline is that Java 8 on Android N is already supporting Android’s Jack compiler that has various features such as default and static methods, streams, and functional interfaces, so that developers can more freedom to be creative in generating the best Android apps.

5. Quota Saver Data Server

And features the latest Android N seems to make a big difference in the performance of smartphones is a feature called Data Saver. With this feature can allow Android users to reduce excess data usage in applications that run in the background. It can even reduce the consumption of data on the applications that are running, by reducing the bit rate when you’re streaming video, reducing the image quality, and other methods. So with the latest features of Android N named Data Saver can be a solution for those of you who want to save internet quota.

That’s some excellent features Android N that is currently unfolding, which certainly Google will continue to add the latest features to enhance the performance of the smartphone. You need to remember once again, that the new Android release N is intended for developers only, not for the everyday user because chances are still filled with lots of bugs. Google uses the mechanism of beta tester for smartphone users Google Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player, Nexus 9 and tablet Pixel C. But first nexus device users must sign up for a Google account in order to get a renewal system through the update Over The Air (OTA) by flashing manually by downloading the factory image here.