Android Phone Price List Qualified Special Offers Latest Gaming

For my friend who is currently looking for a sophisticated smartphone for gaming purposes, then in the review this time my friend listened to what we had prepared. In this review we will provide an explanation as well as recommend for smartphones that can be used for your game. Well, from the information that we can, in 2016, a lot of smartphone vendors that have launched homemade smartphone which specialize to play game. Moreover, prices in the offer are also relatively very cheap, so you can buy and try the gaming smartphone. Because at a cheap price, it is not just the upper class are able to enjoy gaming smartphone, but for the middle class was also enjoying today’s smartphone gaming.

If we pay attention to technological developments in the world of smartphones, was once a lot of smartphone vendors who had equipped the smartphone with advanced specifications for chatting and browsing, but for the moment as we are reviewing, advanced smartphones today even many who are exempted for the purposes of gaming , But make no mistake, even if only in dedicated for gaming, smartphone with specs seem to have nothing with prices up tens of millions rupiah.

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Well, at this time of our review, we will introduce some smartphone vendors worldwide have had the artificial smartphone devoted to gaming. Among these vendors is Xiaomi, Lenovo, Smartfren, Asus, Wiko, Evercoss and Himax. But there are a lot of smartphone vendors that have made smartphones devoted to the game. Well, no strings – attached anymore, let’s us see the list of smartphones for gaming in the month of May 2016 below.

Android Phone Price List Qualified Special Offers Latest Gaming Currently:

  • Lenovo A7000 New Price: Rp. 1.94 million
  • Xiaomi Mi 4i New Price: Rp. 2.799 million
  • Asus Zenfone 2 ZE550ML New Price: Rp. 2.677 million
  • Evercoss Winner Y A76 New Price: Rp. 1.449 million
  • Himax Polymer 2 New Price: Rp. 999,000
  • Wiko Ridge 4G Fab New Price: Rp. 2.000.000
  • Smartfren Andromax R New Price: Rp. 1.599 million

What about the smartphone we’ve reviewed above, if you are interested in one of the game’s special smartphone? If you are interested in smartphones that we have mentioned above, you can order it through a trusted online store in the country at this time, or you can also directly to a store near your home.

From the collection of smartphone gaming conclusion that we have mentioned above, the average – average smartphone game khusu is supported by the 4G LTE network, where the 4G LTE network is indeed one of the very fast network access to internet. It is also to RAM capacity of 1 GB with the support of a fairly strong processor is a Quad Core.