Balance Update Royale Clash May 18, 2016

Balance Update Royale Clash May 18, 2016: Statistics Some Card Changed – Supercell back to update the latest balance for several cards in Clash Royale. Balance update that occurred on May 18, 2016 this will change in the statistics of several cards Clash Royale, both current cards or old cards, ranging from card Royale Giant, Freeze, Furnace, Guards, Miner, and many more.

The statistical changes include the addition and subtraction in damage, hitpoints, durations and various other statistics. In addition, Supercell also fix bugs when upgrading cards Epic and Legendary cards.
Balance Update Royale Clash May 18, 2016

Here are some changes going on at the time which shall be updated Balance Royale Clash May 18, 2016.

Royal Giant

Royal GiantRoyal Giant: In this update, the statistics for Damage Giant Royale cards fell by 4%.


FreezeFreeze Spell: The duration of the freeze on balance update May 18, 2016 will be reduced by 1 sec.


FurnaceFurnace: The cost of manufacturing down to 4 Elixir (previously 5). Hitpoints will be reduced by 14% and the lifetime to 40 seconds (50 seconds).

Fire Spirits

Fire SpiritsFire Spirits: In the royale clash balance update 18 May 2016 Area Fire Damage radius for the Spirit will increase by 25%.


GuardsGuards: Guards As for the card will have increased stats, hitpoints and damage increased by 8%.


MinerMiner: hitpoints also increased for Miner cards, which increased by 6%.

Lava Hound and Lava Pups

Lava Hound and Lava Pups

  • Lava Hound: hitpoints increased by 3%.
  • Lava Pups: hitpoints increased 9%.

Elixir Collector

Elixir CollectorElixir Collector: hitpoints down 9%.


KnightKnight: old cards like Knight also increased, including a 10% increase in hitpoints.


BomberBomber: Statistics Damage Bomber cards also increased, which increased 10%.


CannonCannon: While the statistical decline would occur in Cannon card, Hit Points decreased by 5%.


TeslaTesla: Increased Hit Points statistics also happened to Tesla cards increased 5%.

Golem and Golemite

Golem and Golemite

  • Golem: hitpoints increased by 5%.
  • Golemite: hitpoints increased by 5%.


WitchWitch: Increased Damage is quite sizable, ie an increase of 10%.


SkeletonSkeleton of Tombstone, Skeleton Army, Witch, Skeletons: hitpoints and damage increased by 5%.



Tombstone: The last card is also changing statistics are cards Tombstone, where this card increased by 10% hitpoints.

Bug Fixed: Card Upgrade XP

Update this time not only brought changes card stats Clash Royale, the update to be launched by Supercell on the 18th of May 2016 will also provide an XP bug fixes when upgrading cards Epic and Legendary.

Now that’s some stats card which changes either the reduction or increase in the current update May 18, 2016 Clash Royale later.

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