Best Places To Hunting Pokemon GO

On this occasion we will share tips about the best location for hunting Pokemon Go in Indonesia, if you’re busy playing Games Pokemon Go on your Smartphone, and you’re looking for somewhere suitable to yield pokemon even more, to add to a collection of pokemon you have, you do not need to be confused to find that place, because the following we will share tips for you.

Location setrategis which there are pokemon rare is where the idol is being sought gamer pokemon throughout Indonesia, and therefore here we’ve released the places best for you as the right choice to find pokemon pokemon rare, following the locations.

Best Places To Hunting Pokemon GO
1. Points Hunting Pokemon in In Mall

As we know the mall is a shopping place where there are lots of people passing by who was shopping needs, and that is certainly why you chose the mall to hunt pokemon, the answer is because the mall is a famous place, and that must have been registered on the system Google Maps into background maps from these games.

This place than you can hunt Pokemon also you can while shopping for your needs of everyday life, can save time course and this place is also a place where there are lots of items pokestop, well, for those of you who want to keep the stock pokestop maybe this is the right time, before later you use to catch pokemon your target.

2. Pokemon Hunting place at the National Monument (Monas)

For you are close to the national monument or commonly abbreviated Monas you try to visit and play in this place, in addition to hunting pokemon but in this place we could while learning about the history of this nation, as a youth and the nation’s future we must know the history and culture of the nation we alone.

3. Pokemon Hunting place at the Museum

The museum is a place you should not miss when you hunt pokemon pokemon to add to your collection, since the Games Pokemon Go uses mark found on Google Maps. You try to start catching pokemon that are around this place, and we can be sure that your Pokemon collection will be growing because in this place there are many types of pokemon that you can to catch.

4. The Hunting Pokemon in Places of Worship

Try to hunt pokemon in places of worship in accordance trust each of you, because in this place is an easily recognizable landmark Google Maps, as a place frequented by many people to worship and as a sign of a region.

5. The Pokemon Go Hunting in Yosemite Or Sports

Based on the personal experiences that have been experienced when the sports venue there are people who put items lure originally just for fun and the result was unexpectedly turned out to be a lot of pokemon in getting out of the venue, until now many who follow the way of the sembali jog morning breath of fresh air.

6. The Hunting Pokemon Go in Places

If in the area deket your home there are many sites try to visit one of these sites, we believe the tourist attractions is the location that is suitable and appropriate to the make spot in hunting pokemon. Because in addition to tourist attractions you can hunt with a refreshing pokemon can also cool off from your routine is exhausting.

Here are tips that we deliberately distributed to you about the best places right in the hunt Pokemon GO in Indonesia, may be useful.