Changing Network EDGE or 3G signals Being HSDPA Smartphone

How Short Changing Network EDGE or 3G signals Being HSDPA Smartphone Android – Network contained in advanced smartphones usually have a 3G network that can be used to explore the virtual world with a very fast pace. In addition to 3G networks today have no network faster than the 3G network is the 4G LTE network. 4G LTE network is already used by many smartphone based operating system Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, iOS, and others. But this time we will share about how a short, simple and can be directly in practice on your android smartphone to be able to change the network to EDGE 3G network with HSDPA 3G speed is remarkable.

Changing Network EDGE or 3G signals Being HSDPA
If the android smartphone we already have 3G networks HSDPA course we can also easily explore the virtual world with a very satisfied because its speed. For users of smartphones with Android, then you can try to explain that we later below. There are 2 very easy ways that you can apply it later on your android smartphone. What explanation, let’s look at the reviews.

How to Change Network or signal EGDE Being HSDPA Smartphone Android:

A. First

1. The first thing we have to do is go to the settings menu.

2. Then we select the option Wireless and network settings or more on your android smartphone.

3. Go to the menu of mobile network – >> select Network Mode.

4. Only check WDCMA or  WDCMA preffered.

5. At this point we wait for some minutes until the signal is changed automatically.

That’s how short that you can use on your android smartphone.

B. Second Ways

1. You can call or use the following command on your smartphone * # * # 4636 # * # *.

2. After that will open menu “Testing”.

3. Then you specify phone information.

4. Scroll to the bottom and there are option “set preffered network type” set WDCMA Only.

Now that he’s short and easy way that we can share to be able to change the network or a 3G signal into HSDPA EDGE. Welcome to try new things is yes mate, may be useful. Also read our other articles such as How to Unlock and Play FLV Video On With Android Applications and QQ Player Download Application to detect ghost At Best Android Smartphone. Do not forget to visit our website at DataMobilePhones information about the latest news in gadgets, thanks to my friend before.

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