Chess game with Voice Commands

Chess game with Voice Commands – The game of chess is a game of the legendary and very popular with many people, who honed strategy game, thinking ability and vision in implementing a strategy to train this life is one game that is suitable for you to play in between your leisure time. Even games are very thick with the feel of mid-century is also known as the mental game is very impressive.

Chess game with Voice Commands

Chess game with Voice Commands

And now, for those who really love the game of chess, now you can enjoy this game on the Google Glass. Of course, a special feature of the Google Glass can be enjoyed with a blend of technology was amazing. With the 3D image and a cool feature in Google Glass will make your game more colorful atmosphere and more real when compared with 3D chess game which is now provided by many game developers around the world.

As quoted from page androidpolice, you can play a game of chess is using Google Glass with some unique features and amazing where you can play a game of chess in Google glass by using voice commands or can also use the touchpad to position chessboard exactly your presence.

The game itself is available in several modes, for example saka with the ability to change the color chessboard chess engine or importing from third parties. In addition, many special features included in this game that you can enjoy with the use of Google’s smart glasses. To be sure, this new feature will make you feel more comfortable and of course you can also play this game with a new experience that was amazing.

How? You are interested in playing chess using Google Glass? If you want to play you can play anywhere, you first have to have the Google Glass, besides some outstanding features in Google Glass will also make you more amazed by the latest technology from the company’s IT giants.

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