Complete list of Android 6.0 Update Marshmallow Lenovo

Complete list of Android 6.0 Update Marshmallow Lenovo – Who uses the smartphone from Lenovo? This time I will give you the good news for all who use the Lenovo smartphone. The good news this time is not about the latest smartphones, but this time the news that I will give is the complete list of the Lenovo smartphone to get the Android 6.0 update Marshmallow.

Smartphone Lenovo is currently being intensively hunted by the users smartphone middle class, the article of this party has always issued smartphone cheap but not cheap, the specifications given on the lined smartphone Lenovo as well as Lenovo A700, Lenovo K3 Note always invite the attention of many people. Especially for the people of Indonesia, recorded Lenovo is also one of the best-selling smartphone manufacturer in Indonesia.

Complete list of Android 6.0 Update Marshmallow Lenovo

Complete list of Android 6.0 Update Marshmallow Lenovo

Already you know that some vendors have to update Android 6.0 Marshmallow to the ranks of smart phones?, There were several vendors who have to update the latest version of Android is LG for the LG G4 her, while the Nexus device Nexus 5, 6, 7, and 9

Well for those of you using smartphone from Lenovo must be wondering when the heck update Marshmallow Lenovo Android 6.0 arrives? then what are lined Lenovo smartphone will get the Android 6.0 update?. Such as information that I get from Android Authority page, which says that Android update Marshmallow for this Lenovo device will come in 2016, precisely for devices such as Lenovo K3 Note, S1 Vibe, Vibe P1, A7000 and A7000 Plus. For those of you who want to see the details of Android 6.0 update date Marshmallow Lenovo can see the picture below.
List of Smartphone Lenovo Gets Android 6.0 Update Marshmallow:

  • Lenovo K3 Note
  • Lenovo Vibe S1
  • Lenovo Vibe P1
  • Lenovo A7000
  • Lenovo A7000 Plus

Like in the picture above, that the Lenovo smartphone gets Android 6.0 update Marshmallow is Lenovo’s first series Vibe Vibe P1 and S1 are scheduled to start receive an update in June 2016. As for devices such as Lenovo A7000, A7000 Plus Lenovo, and Lenovo Note K3 will receive updates of new scheduled in September 2016. However, for details on what date it is still uncertain, and unfortunately for the series of tablets and other smartphone has not been described in detail in the list updates.

This makes a lot of speculation that Lenovo will provide an update to the device Marshmallow is its middle class. But it also remains uncertain, we wait for more details on this issue.

It seems that with the information that is disclosed that the new Lenovo will launch an update of Android 6.0 in June 2016 to multiple devices, Lenovo is considered to be one of the longest vendors provide updates. Because of the many vendors, like Sony, LG, Huawei, Samsung, etc. This will initiate the distribution of rations Android M to this device in early 2016.

For those of you using Lenovo are expected to always be patient to wait for the Android update the latest version of Android this Marshmallow. And also for those who have a smartphone with a medium-class Lenovo as Lenovo A6000, and so most likely will not receive the update, and you will only get Android 5.0 Lollipop only.

Well how information about the complete list of the Android 6.0 update this Lenovo Marshmallow? whether your phone including that acquired the allocation update? or not?. For those of you who have a cell phone with the series above in order to remain patient to wait for this update. Update Marshmallow hopefully Lenovo will quickly release internationally starting early in 2016.

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