Cool, This Video Xiaomi Mi 5 Successful First Published

Cool, This Video Xiaomi Mi 5 Successful First Published – Starting approaching 2016 ya, it means that the smartphone will be released in 2016 one by one began to show itself to the public. This time I never stopped going to discuss about the latest smartphone from Xiaomi are planned to be introduced in early 2016. Smartphone What is it? no other than, this is the Xiaomi Mi 5. Yes indeed of recent months, the media outside is always a highlight of this Xiaomi’s latest smartphone, then from the phone is not far from the rumors circulating there. A few weeks ago a rumor says that the front panel of the phone successfully leak. Then a few days later, there was another rumor that says that Xiaomi Mi 5 come using physical home button and a USB type C, and the last mentioned yesterday that there are 4 variants of color Xiaomi Mi 5.

Xiaomi Mi 5

Xiaomi Mi 5

Well this time is no longer on the latest news from Xiaomi flagship smartphone will be released in 2016, this time the news comes from phonearena, there mention that the video Xiaomi Mi 5 successful first shown to the public. Wow video like what is it about?.

Video Xiaomi Mi 5 is derived from Weibo published in late last night, on the morning local time. This time the video shows how the smartphone of this Xiaomi laid in the dock made of wood, where the phone is placed in a standing position. In the video, showing how Xiaomi Mi 5 white color at the position is turned on, and shows the performance of an application’s default browser of the mobile phone.

Already more curious is not the video? please you can watch video directly Xiaomi Mi 5 successful first shown to the public below.

Cool is not a video showing the latest smartphone from Xiaomi this time?. This phone manages to appear in his own elegant and also differs from other flagship ever launched by Xiaomi, this is all thanks to the physical home button is pinned to the bottom of the screen, although it looks like a smartphone from Samsung.

To remind, I will give some specifications that will be carried by Xiaomi Mi 5 this. It is known that the phone will be released next year will bring the specification is quite capable. whare on screen will be equipped with a screen measuring 5.2 inch QHD resolution of 1440 x 2560 or 1080 x 1920 FHD.

While the sector is the engine, specification Xiaomi Mi 5 looks gahar thanks to the chipset from Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, where this chipset itself is supported by a capable graphics processing of the GPU Adreno 530. Not surprisingly, the performance of which will be produced later this phone will satisfy you , especially when you use for gaming and multimedia activities such as watching videos.

Not only that, other specifications that will be equipped with 4GB of RAM and also there are two variants of internal memory options of 16GB and 64GB, both of which is equipped with a microSD slot for an additional memory if it has not goo mobile phone capacity. For the photography business, you do not have to doubt this phone, because Xiaomi Mi 5 will use a 16MP rear camera and front camera 8MP.

The draw of this phone, and it can also be considered as an advantage Xiaomi Mi 5 of the others is thanks to the excellent features fingerprint sensor / fingerprint sensor located on its home button.

Well that’s all I can say on this article, please always follow every article of for more information about the release date Xiaomi Mi 5, the latest smartphones and other smartphones.