Design and Specifications Xiaomi redmi 3S

Design and Specifications Xiaomi redmi 3S Revealed in TENAA Site, stretcher Fingerprint Sensor – Innovation in creating new smartphone generation seems to be done by a Chinese vendor whose name has now been bounced, who else if not Xiaomi. Recorded last only a few weeks Xiaomi introduced the first high-end smartphone that Xiaomi Mi 5 is also rumored to be able to compete with high-end line of smartphones from other vendors, is now reported that Xiaomi plans to soon launch its latest smartphone again.

As reported by gizmochina that Xiaomi smartphone with code 2015817 TENAA already passed and already successfully certified with the appearance of design and some leaked specs were already listed there, it means the possibility in the near future Xiaomi will be introduced to the public. Xiaomi smartphone with code 2015817 is expected to have a name Xiaomi redmi 3S / Xiaomi redmi 3 Pro.

Mentioned the next generation of Xiaomi redmi 3 is believed to be named Xiaomi redmi 3S is not without reason, to reflect on the most new products belonging to the Xiaomi Mi 4s which is also the next generation of Xiaomi Mi 4. It is possible that the suffix “S” Xiaomi will also be provided by the latest generation of Xiaomi’s redmi 3, and returned to the rumor specifications successfully revealed by TENAA looks no different from Xiaomi redmi 3.

Xiaomi Redmi 3S

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Specifications Xiaomi redmi 3S Based TENNA Website

Screen 5 inch 1280×720 pixels
Chipset Snapdragon 616 (Octa-core Processor 1,5 GHz)
Internal Memory 16GB
MicroSD Yes
Rear Camera 13MP
Front Camera 5MP

As we can see, the screen will be carried by the next generation 3-redmi alike will use a 5-inch screen with landscape, where the screen is HD resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels. Meanwhile, to spur the kitchen sector, mentioned by Xiaomi redmi 3S TENAA that Xiaomi redmi 3S will use Snapdragon 616 chipset which has been harmonized with Octa-core processor with a clock speed of 1.5 GHz. As for its own RAM is also similar to that of the Xiaomi redmi 3, namely 2GB of RAM. Large internal memory which is notified by TENAA also no different from the internal memory in its predecessor, the 16GB with the support slot misroSD who will be able to make a solution for those of you who want to expand the storage space.

Xiaomi Redmi 3S

Turning to the photography sector, which this section will look the same as on redmi 3, because the main camera will be equipped with 13 MP camera lens, and a 5 MP front camera for the sector.

It appears from the overall specifications have been published by the TENAA no different than specification Xiaomi  redmi 3 previously released in January 2016 yesterday. Only difference between Xiaomi redmi 3 with Xiaomi redmi  3S redmi are on safety system. From the design which you can see above, shown clearly that features a fingerprint sensor will be pinned on the next generation of Xiaomi redmi 3 this. Yes very true, fingerprint sensor Xiaomi redmi 3S Xiaomi is located at the rear of the casing, just below the main camera.

From the specifications posted on the website TENAA is apparently still not able to conclude it would be like this later in the stretcher specification, because to date information on the specifications Xiaomi redmi 3S still very minimal.

Up to now there is no definite information about the price of Xiaomi redmi 3S, but the estimated price will be cheaper than redmi Note 3 Pro which first had to use a fingerprint sensor. According to our information pages, the price of Xiaomi redmi 3S will be on sale value of 799 yuan, equivalent Rp.1,6 (Following the currency exchange rate on March 11, 2016).