Evercoss A7 Newest Price Latest Month November 2015 sold for Rp. 585,000

Update Info Evercoss A7 Newest Price Latest Month November 2015 sold for Rp. 585,000 per unit. Not to be outdone by some leading companies such as Sony, Samsung and Nokia. Indonesian footwear company with the label Evercoss surprise the people of Indonesia with its latest smartphone output Evercoss A7.

In early release, Evercoss A7 has bandrolan price is quite affordable with a range of Rp. 1,100,000 for the new price. In accordance with the price and the nature of man and machine design, certainly there are some strengths and weaknesses in the Evercoss A7 in the briefing specifications.

Evercoss A7

Evercoss A7

Specification of what the strengths and weaknesses of Evercoss A7?

Excess Evercoss A7 With Main Camera 8 MP

Before discussing the specifications of the camera, will discuss the other advantages that flyer on the A7 Evercoss, excess on vercoss own screen size 4.5 “which has the comfort to grip when operating it.

With the support of a high enough resolution of 960 x 540 pixels, providing convenience to users to navigate menus on the Smartphone screen.

Additionally, on-screen display also uses IPS LCD touchscreen technology that is capable of providing images that are realities and have a look wider angle.

In the terms of data storage capacity, is equipped with 4GB of internal memory and the external memory up to 32 GB capacity microSD slot.

To advantages in camera features, precious Smartphone one million rupiah range already has a resolution capacity of 8 MP which comes with autofocus, LED flash for the main camera.

At the front of the camera Evercoss A7, flyer 1.3 megapixel resolution camera ready to take pictures selfie.

Evercoss A7 also uses 3G HSDPA network that is able to internet access faster, the battery part, companies from Indonesia were equip with a capacity of 1600mAh.

Disadvantages Evercoss A7 In OS Run

From some of the advantages highlighted by the company Evercoss, on the other hand also has some drawbacks.

The deficiency lies on the operating system you run, OS with still using ICS ice cream sandwich that has not been able to access the application more quickly.

As well as on the flyer RAM capacity is only 512 MB, its capacity is minimal on Android Smartphone.

Some of the advantages and disadvantages Evercoss A7 in the review above, I hope the contents of those reviews could be useful and serve as a reference for readers in determining the choice of smartphones.