Finally Flappy Bird Back Again With Latest Features

As users of Android devices, you must still remember the phenomenal game Flappy Bird. The gameplay is able to be a favorite game among users of the Android device is known as a game that has a flow of the game is simple but very challenging. This is what makes fans challenged to play this game over and over.

Finally, after a long-awaited, Dong Nguyen who is the creator of the game Flappy Bird proves his promise after he again presents a phenomenal game with the latest version and add some other unique features. But unfortunately, for this latest version, you can only enjoy it by accessing the Amazon Appstore for Android and Fire TV platform.

Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird

As quoted from page androidcommunity, after having withdrawn its circulation from the app store, now fans of the game Flappy Bird can again enjoy the game very draining mind and the patience. In the latest version, you can find new features such as multiplayer modes and some additional hurdles increasingly diverse, so the hurdle to get the highest points assessed will be increasingly difficult and very exhausting.

Slain it, Flappy Birds latest version this time comes with several other features such as mode Person vs. Person or multyplayer, obstacles reproduced, gameplay more enjoyable and certainly will remain very difficult to play. You can also enjoy this game at home with the family and your friends. This makes this latest version Flappy Bird Flappy Bird called Family.

According to some information, the game itself aka launched in mid-August which had been adjusted to the schedule promised by Nguyen. However, until now there has been no official statement when the game Flappy Bird will be re-launched in stores earlier applications, such as Google Play Store and Apple’s AppStore as well as other platform application stores.

The most interesting, that Flappy Bird appeared in both the application store, like he had to deal with some kind of 8 bit games, one of which is Timberman already gained popularity after Flappy Bird withdrawn from the market some time ago.