Foldable Smartphone Samsung Will Release Next Year

Foldable Smartphone Rumor Samsung that has a screen that can be folded have finally come to the surface again. Previously you already know Smartphone Samsung SM-G9198 right? Foldable Smartphone introduced in August 2015 also brought 2 screen measuring 3.9 inches HD resolution and Corning Gorilla Glass is already protected 4.

Unlike the Samsung SM-G9198, Samsung Smartphone Fold the middle of this reportedly will have a size that can be folded wallet-size as well as the wallet that the impression of a modern, unique and very rare to come by in this latest Samsung Smartphone Fold.

The latest report from page Sammobile said that Samsung is already working on this Foldable Smartphone for 3 years. And has been cooperating with local and foreign companies to acquire technologies that will be required by this Foldable Smartphone. Of course not easy to create Smarthone Fold the first to have a size similar to the wallet.

samsung folding smartphone

samsung folding smartphone

Samsung experience in making innovations in terms of display indeed deserves our thumbs up. After its second product the  galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S7 Edge that has a concave screen sold sold in the market. And now Samsung wants to return to innovate in the field of the screen to make the first Android Smartphone Fold the size of a wallet.

Smartphone which is said to have a foldable OLED screen that can be folded in half like a wallet. So you can easily take the device into the pocket or purse. Samsung Display is part of the Samsung company in charge of developing OLED screens that can be folded this. And it is said that they are done for the manufacture of its prototype.

Samsung Display Director Lee Chang Hoon said that the development of OLED Foldable already underway in line with what we expected and planned. We plan to mass produce OLED screens that can be folded and will release this product to our partners.

Samsung also has made a patent on the technology that will be used by their Android Smartphone which can be folded. South Korean companies are certainly not alone in developing innovative design and artificial Smartphone screen. LG also is a South Korean vendors have already developed a modular design that starts at the Smartphone LG G5.