Front Panel Leaked Xiaomi Mi 5 Revealed

Front Panel Leaked Xiaomi Mi 5 Revealed – Prepare for the presence of the latest smartphone that belongs Xiaomi Mi 5, which reportedly will soon be launched to the public. Because this phone in the last few days has always been buffeted by rumors circulating. Neither the rumors about the release date Xiaomi Mi 5, specifications, design of the phone, even now rumors Xiaomi Mi front panel appears on page 5 GizmoChina.

Leaks on the front panel is apparently already circulating outside the Internet, as there is in one of the GizmoChina page that shows how an image showing the front panel of an actual horsepower are Xiaomi Mi 5. For those who are curious about the details of this image, try show more clearly how the shape of the front of the latest smartphone from Xiaomi is shown below.

Xiaomi Mi 5

Xiaomi Mi 5

From the picture you can see how the front panel Xiaomi Mi 5 looks looks to have arches on each side, it will give the impression of interest to design Xiaomi Mi 5 itself. You need to know on the previous generation smartphone Xiaomi Mi 4 also has the same body design like this, having arches on each side. It is not too special about this section.

But the interesting thing of the design Xiaomi Mi 5 on the front of this that has been widely circulated on the Internet is at the bottom of the screen. Where, there is a hole oval that this is going to be a physical home button will be embedded on a mobile phone the latest successor of Xiaomi Mi 4. You need to know that this physical button first time and will be used in the Xiaomi Mi 5 only , considering that in other smartphones from Xiaomi does not anyone ever used physical buttons at the bottom of the screen.

In fact, according to information circulating beyond saying that the physical home button on the Xiaomi Mi 5 will later be fixed to a feature fingerprint or a fingerprint sensor. If this is true, then the fingerprint feature on the home button located in front of this would be a distinct advantage of the Xiaomi Mi 5. Given Xiaomi also recently issued a smartphone with features like this on a mobile Redmi Note 3, but the body lying behind, exactly under the rear camera ,

The emergence of a leak from the front panel Xiaomi Mi 5 makes a wide variety of responses emerged. Many people assume that Xiaomi Mi 5 release date will not be much longer, even many who speculated that the Mi 5 is ready to be released at the end of December 2015, or even until early 2016.

Regardless of Xiaomi Mi 5 release date is not yet clear that this truth, it seems Xiaomi smartphone of this one will carry a high specification. Where the earlier rumors stated that the latest smartphone Xiaomi will use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chipset 820 is also rumored to be ready to be combined with the size of 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal memory area.

But I remind you again that this is all just a rumor only, and it seems we have to wait for the latest news coming from the Xiaomi straight on when the release of Xiaomi Mi 5 this.