How To Get Pokemon Pikachu on Pokemon Go Game

Pokemon Pikachu, if you’re a fan of the Pokemon Pikachu name may already be familiar sound your ears, if the Pokemon Pikachu Pokemon anime movie was first brought by the trainer leading role. Pikachu is the Pokemon that have electrical forces that are familiar, although not enter into the legendary pokemon but this type of pokemon can rely on as long as you play the games Pokemon Go, and here we will share how to get Pokemon Pikachu in Pokemon games Go.

Actually, to get Pokemon Pikachu are many ways to get it, just like in the movie anime where the main character must choose one pokemon whiz you to carry when traveling, but of the three one pokemon hidden and pokemon are pokemon Pikachu, to play this game together where you can choose one of three pokemon that has been provided, at the time of your first time to play a game Pokemon Go, but what distinguishes Pokemon Pikachu Pokemon are not on the third.

How to Get Pokemon Pikachu in Pokemon GO Game

Well, it’s time for us to share tips for you on how to get Pokemon Pikachu in Pokemon Games Go, and here is how.

Tips and Secrets How To Get Pokemon Pikachu on Pokemon Go Game

To get the Pokemon Pikachu hidden at the beginning of the game, we suggest you to walk away from the three pokemon it, and you keep going and wait until pokemon appears five times, on the occurrence of the last or fifth in the uprising, then Pikachu will appear with three pokemon which had been prepared to have you, then just you catch Pikachu use items pokeball that you currently have, if Pikachu succeed you catch certainly pokemon Pikachu you can take as a travel companion when you wander around the area or where you want your search to get more another type of Pokemon that you can catch, as long as you play the game Pokemon Go.

Here are tips from us to you succeed we share about how to obtain the Pokemon Pikachu in Pokemon Go games, and hopefully our tips can be useful for you.