Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories Now Now Available For iOS Devices

Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories Now Now Available For iOS Devices – Paba in June 2015 ago, it was reported that Natsume what we know as the game developers RPG legend is by series Harvest Moon games, said that he will release the latest title of the advanced game ie titled Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories. Natsume own party finally justifying his statement with the release of this game for iOS devices precisely on January 14, 2016 ago.

Surely this is not good news for our separate mobile gamers? especially for those who use iOS smartphones, as Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories iOS is now available, and can be found on iTunes. Before discussing how the gameplay of the series for Harvest Moon game, I’ll take you flashback to the times of PS1 still prevail with a game of History titled Natsume Harvest Moon: Back to Nature that can be said to be the best game on the PS1 days.

Harvest Moon: Back to Nature is a video game which contains a simulation farm. A one-game video game series Harvest Moon, which is also the only series Harvest Moon for Playstation. The game is developed by Victor Interactive Software And Natsume, and redistributed by a Palapa (Version Indonesian). In Harvest Moon: Back to Nature of course we already know the characters in the game, of which there is Ann, Doug, Cliff, Popuri, Rick (sister Popuri), Saibara, Elli, Karen, Barley, Kai (only during summer ), Zack, Thomas (mayor), Jeff (owner Supermarket), doctors clinic, Pastor, Carter, Harvest Goddess, Kappa, Won, May, Tim and Mary. In the game Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, we are invited to take care of everything that exists in our plantations, ranging from taking care of chickens, cows, grow vegetables, and so forth.

Harvest Moon Seeds of Memories iOS

Back again discuss Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories iOS, not much different from the series longest such, the latest game Harvest Moon titled Seeds of Memories for iOS devices will also bring you reminisce play the simulator as a farmer to grow crops, and also offers a wide range of features and exciting activities such as a walk using horses, keeping pets, contests and festivals to attend certain. You can view the video trailer below.

From the video trailer Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories above shows how the gameplay will be given is still similar to the series first Harvest Moon created by Natsume, different seems the main characters are going to live, it seems in this game we can run 2 plilihan characters game, where the first option we could use the male game characters, while the second is the female character.

For now, Seeds of Memories only available version of iOS devices. There is no further information when this game will also be present on your Android device. For iOS gamers who are interested, can directly buy it at a price of US $ 9.99 (about Rp140,000, -) by following the link below.

Download Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories iOS