How to Get Through a Toll Free Telkomsel Rp. 50,000 MyTelkomsel Applications

How to Get Through a Toll Free Telkomsel 50,000 MyTelkomsel Applications – Toll-free, ready unwilling to this offer? Surely everyone wants ya, let alone the free credit worth Rp. 50.000. Yes on this occasion datamobilephones will provide little in the way of how to get a free credit Telkomsel’s latest 2016.

Lately indeed a vigorous Telkomsel promote his applications that have been launched that, yes especially if no application MyTelkomsel. On the pretext of adding users, Telkomsel provides a pulse of Rp. 50.000 free of charge or free to let users Telkomsel card is download and install applications hers. As a result up to now has been a lot of users already get free pulses.

How do I get it? how to get it is very easy, the main requirement is that you must wear Telkomsel card and must install the application MyTelkomsel. Please see below for more.

How to get a toll free at App MyTelkomsel

After a few days ago my friends also managed to obtain free credit worth 50 thousand of Telkomsel, now time for you to try, by following the ways listed below:

1. The first step you should do is download the application MyTelkomsel, by going to the Google Play Store and type the name of the application “MyTelkomsel” (without the quotes).

2. If you’ve met, immediately download the application

3. If you’ve downloaded, do install and open the app

4. Then there will be 4 options that you can choose the application main view this MyTelkomsel

How to Get Free Credit Telkomsel

  • Change the application into English
  • Change the application into Indonesian
  • If you have not used this application then click register
  • This button is devoted to you who have been using this app

5. If you have already registered a number of Telkomsel you through this application, then you do not need to register again, simply click on the “Sign”

6. For those who have never been registered, select “Register”

7. Enter your phone number, then click “Next” Telkomsel will send a verification SMS to you

8. Enter the verification code and then click “Verify”. Usually do not bother to enter the verification code because it will be detected automatically.

How to Get Free Credit Telkomsel

9. If there is a pop up window appears informing you that you get the pulse of Rp. 50.000, it means that this method has been successful.

How to Get Free Credit Telkomsel

But you should know that the free credit worth Rp. 50.000 Telkomsel can only be used under certain conditions only. These pulses only you can use to call and SMS to other numbers Telkomsel and also you can use to surf from 00.00 to 17.00 and the pulses are only valid for 7 days only.

Now that he’s toll-free ways to get the latest Telkomsel’s 2016, so what are you waiting? For those of you who wear Telkomsel card please try the above methods, passable pulse can be used to telephone family, friends, or even lovers.