How to Install Android L Boot Animation in Sony Xperia

How to Install Android L Boot Animation in Sony Xperia – Through Sunday Pichai which is a Senior Vice President of Google, formally enterprise IT giant has launched a preview version of the latest version of the Android operating system that is currently known as Android L in the event Google I / O in Berlin.

Officially, Android L you might have for your shareholders Google Nexus device. L preview version of Android is actually provided by Google for developers who want to set up, expand or even make an application to the latest version of the operating system which is claimed to have a high level of security this.
How to Install Android L Boot Animation in Sony Xperia
Although currently only available for Nexus devices, but XDA dev levered has managed to create an animated display Android booting L Tubu for sony Xperia your device. Android Boot Animation L is a very beautiful animation in which there are five amazing colors, namely yellow, red, green, blue and white.

Going forward, the colors are very beautiful design will unite to form the logo of Android with a very beautiful way. Android boot animation L is able to work on the device Sony Xperia Z2, Sony Xperia Z1, Xperia Z Ultra, Sony Xperia and other devices.

To install the Boot Animation this, you just download the Android boot animation L from this link (Download, then you just follow the following steps to install the device Xperia you.

  • Copy the file
  • Change permissions as rw- r- r-
  • Move the file to foder system / media folder
  • after that, reboot your Xperia device.

With the animation apliaksi this, hopefully a little treat your disappointment, because it looks like you are holding the device Sony Xperia have to wait long to get the latest update of Android L. Due to the emergence of Android Kitkat prism, a smartphone made by Sony indeed be the last to get Google’s operating system.

However, hopefully the incident last year is not repeated for Android L which reportedly will be released later this year. Now, back to the animation Android app L.

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