How to Overcome Errors and Bug COC (Clash Of Clans)

How to Overcome Errors and Bug COC – For you gamers Supercell made in the COC (Clash Of Clans) must have been familiar with the updates that are performed by Supercell is precisely the massive update made on December 10, 2015 yesterday. Indeed, the overall update coming to the COC is fairly presents many latest features, the latest hero, the latest tower defense, and that has been the most eagerly awaited his presence is the Town Hall 11. Update COC had been rumored since the far distant day, leak-by leaks also appear in any month, until finally COC perform maintenance to perform this update.

Clash Of Clans

Clash Of Clans

Well but after COC getting a massive update as presented above, many gamers have complained COC error, experiencing the bug, experiencing a variety of problems. Why did it happen ?.

In this article I will give you some problems, errors and bugs COC that appear when you perform the update. Some of the problems that exist under COC also there are some who have found a solution. For those of you who have problems, and want to know how to resolve this error and bug COC please read more below. How to Overcome Errors and Bug COC Appears After Update Town Hall 11

I remind you again that the whole issue, whether it is an error or a bug present in most current COC has been no solution, and some already have the solution. This list:

  • Some Android users can not update his COC, to how to cope with Android which could not update the COC is a way to clear the cache of Google Play Store app, how open Applications> Google Play Store> Clear Cache.
  • Game COC to crash when we are doing updates spell barrack or factory, and tried to donate CC in the Clan War. Solutions to handle Clash Of Clans crash Stop time like this is to wrap up the process of upgrading or upgrades with gems (Finish Now).
  • If there is a defense that requires a recharge using Elixir are under construction / upgrade, when pressed / moved TH then the game will automatically Crash.
  • For the Clan Castle under level 4 can not display notifications ‘full’ even if it is full.
  • Troop Request long before the new request appears to make requests spell (CC level 1-3, after the update becomes not possible).
  • When we’ve bought a new hero “Grand Warden”, Grand Warden did not appear in our profile.
  • “Request” bubble does not appear at the top of CC although CC in a state of full.

Now that he’s some problems Error and Bug COC Appears After Update Town Hall 11, is only a few issues that have found the solution, and most still no way around that. For that we have to wait for an update from the Supercell, how to overcome these problems.