How to Solve Problems Bug Clash Of Clans (COC) Update January 2016 8.116.2

How to Solve Problems Bug Clash Of Clans (COC) Update January 2016 8.116.2 – Hallo guys COC gamers, this time I am back again will provide an article for you, especially the players of the game made this Supercell which is already very much a people who play it. We know that one month ago, precisely on bualn December 2015 COC reforming massive update which of them is carrying a hero newest COC called the Grand Warden, Tower Defense latest, and do not miss the long-awaited during this time that the presence of Town Hall 11 ( TH11).

In a massive update that is present in December 2015 and then, there are some bugs found by the player, such as some Android users who can not update the COC his game to crash when we are doing updates barrack or spell factory, and tried to donate CC the Clan War, and so forth. Some bug problem COC presented above tips to overcome existing, well for those of you who do not know how to deal with errors and bugs that appeared after the update COC Town Hall 11 can be read at the link below.
How to Solve Problems Bug Clash Of Clans (COC) Update January 2016 8.116.2
Well a few days ago, Supercell also had to perform maintenance to update Clash Of Clans (COC) 26 January 2016 in this update brings several changes and also the latest features, including the lists of the Treasury, Loot Cart & Star Bonus. For those of you who do not know about the updates COC January 26, 2016 that has been done by the Supercell, can read the details below.

Clash of Clans Update January 26, 2016 (20,160,126)

The Treasury

  • Clan Castle has its own storage named TheTreasury
  • The Treasury is useful to store the loot bonus of Clan Wars and Star Bonus
  • War Loot Storage has now been removed
  • The maximum number is determined by the Town Hall Treasury and the Clan Level
  • War Loot turned Treasury Extra Storage Extra Storage
  • Small storage area at the top of the Clan Castle is now eliminated

Daily Star Bonus

  • Get 5 stars when the multiplayer will be a bonus loot
  • Bonus is greater when it reaches the higher league
  • Star Bonus will be there every day
  • Gift Star Bonus stored in the Treasury
  • Maximum Star Bonus up to league Titan 3

Loot Cart

  • An object Loot Cart broken will appear when the base was attacked
  • Loot Cart is useful to take a little resource is missing
  • There is only one Loot Cart appearing every time
  • Loot Cart appear randomly on nearby buildings and contains 20% of the lost loot.
  • Loot Cart can not be taken if the storage is full


  • The Eagle Artillery Damage is now 3x Golem and Golemites
  • Air Defense both can now be at the Town Hall 6, third in the Town Hall 7

As usual, after the update COC there must be a problem, whether it is an error or bug Clash Of Clans were found by the players COC. Problems arising both errors and bugs on COC Update 26 January 2016 most gamers overwrite the compatibility problem.

The problem of compatibility is hit several players, including the note error “Your device is not compatible with this version” in the Google Play Store at the time you want to update COC latest version, the meaning of these warnings is that your Android device does not support or be compatible with the version of the COC latest. This seems to be a serious problem for Android users, but do not worry. To overcome this problem you can see in the following link:…1382%2C6241389

However, if it still can not understand the instructions contained in the link above, you can improve and overcome the COC that error and it says “Your device is not compatible with this version” as on the steps below.
How to Solve Problems Bug Clash Of Clans (COC) Update January 2016 8.116.2

Tips to deal with problems like this is actually very easy that is by Clear Cache and Data, and you can do yourself in your Android phone, please note the steps carefully.

1. Open the Settings menu available on your Android phone

2. Open the Apps menu or Application Manager (may his name in several different Android devices)

3. Press and open the Google Play Store> Clear cache> Clear data.

4. Then go back to the previous menu

5. Select the Download Manager> Clear cache> Clear data.

6. intervenes restart on your Android phone.