How to Trick Breaking into WiFi Password Hidden

How to Trick Breaking into WiFi Password Hidden – Hey buddy we meet again, this time we will discuss how to identify the WiFi password others. At the time of this technological development is rapid, with the technology we are using is very easy to find what we need, for example, we are looking for a job just click on google and then you will see a page that displays for a job. With technology, we can also see the world even if only in the virtual world.

Trick Breaking into WiFi Password Hidden
Talking – talking about technology, this time we will discuss about the WiFi network is now very widely used by Internet users. Usually WiFi for free in certain circles that knew the password to. Sometimes also to be able to enjoy the WiFi code we need to know the password. In place – usually a certain WiFi is also installed and can be enjoyed by as many people in a big mall, as well as a place – a place that is already set up the WiFi network.

If a man wants to be able to enjoy free WiFi network in a place, and my friend does not know the password to be entered on the WiFi network, so my friend could use an easy way to know the password to the WiFi. How come on we’ll see the explanation below.

1. How to Know How to Password With WiFi Modem Router

  • First we open the browser on the PC (or laptop computer)
  • Then enter the IP or in the browser earlier
  • Furthermore the User Name: “admin” or “user” and the password to “admin” or “user”
  • Then Login
  • Note the setup interface, Wireless, colon above, it will display the password

2. How to know the WiFi password With Others How To Use Android Application

  • First download and install the application penetrate pro v2.1.1
  • Then restart your smartphone this application before using
  • Direct WiFi enabled
  • Then open the application penetrate the pro v2.1.1 will automatically search for passwords
  • Enter code password that has been traced by this application

3. Know the Password With WiFi application Wireshark

  • First Instance download and install the application Wireshark
  • Then run the application by Ctrl + K (click capture last option)
  • Position Interface “Ethernet Card” and capture packets in promiscuos mode should be in the On position
  • Click the Start button
  • Press the stop button if the password has been found

That we can explain how to find the WiFi password we do not know. If there is a shortage in tips then please note. Do not forget to keep visiting Thanks