How to Use the iPhone Keyboard on Android

Apple is a lot of attention after the release of the latest operating system iOS platform 8 with one of the main features Keyboard 3rd Widget. With this feature the iPhone smartphone users can tamper with the visual keyboard with a variety of different display and a series of other features that are also different Surely. But in fact, Android users have long had this one feature.

But wait. This is not the time to start debating the advantages and shortcomings between Android and iOS. Conversely, if the IOS could feel the use of the keyboard Android, Android can not use a keyboard-style feel of iOS?
How to Use the iPhone Keyboard on Android
Can! Of course you can because in the Google Play Store itself has a lot of applications that provide a custom keyboard with style of the various versions of iOS. To install was easy. Do a search as usual on Googple Play Store with keywords such as “iPhone Keyboard” and a series of 3rd party keyboard will appear on your screen. Ready to be selected. After downloading and installing the files, do not run the application directly from the app drawer.

Using a 3rd party keyboard – not just for a stylish iPhone alone – can not be directly accessed from the application in the App Drawer and in homescren. First go to the Settings menu or settings. From here, go to the Language & input selection. When you have installed the iPhone 3rd party keyboard for Android, then it should here will appear a list of names of the keyboard along with the default keyboard of Google Keyboard. Well when it saw the name of the keyboard, just activated by checking the box on the left side. Do not forget to make such arrangements became Default settings to use the keyboard on the Android smartphone.

After that? finished. You already have the Apple iPhone style keyboard on the Android smartphone. You can try to use the keyboard for texting or emailing. And indeed this keyboard will always look like the iPhone when used for texting or instant messaging, browser, email and others.

To return to the original setting was almost the same way. By checking the settings menu and back buttons to keyboard Android keyboard.