Huawei P9 Release Date Expected Arrive in March 2016

Huawei P9 Release Date Expected Arrive in March 2016 – Huawei, hear this word certainly is imagined our mind is an advanced smartphone with superior features that accompany it. Indeed, the Chinese vendor is already known to many people, especially for the Asian region. After successfully with Huawei smartphone P8 which are successfully marketed in April, now all the attention drawn to Huwaei P9 rumors that this is the latest series and including the next generation of Huawei P8.

This time the rumors stating that the release date Huwaei P9 will be released in 2016. Previously also been rumored that the new phone from Huawei that will be released in the next year has a specification that is quite tolerable, and also included in the middle and upper-class smartphone.

Huawei P9
As reported by GSM Arena today, said that the most likely release date Huwaei P9 will take place in March 2016. Huawei took the decision smartphone release the successor of its Huwaei P8 generation is not without reason, but given Huawei P8 successfully released in April 2015, Huawei’s own party was not ingir rush to immediately release this Huwaei P9. Although it looks like the issue of the release date Huawei P9 has been missed, but it was a long time. Considering we had to wait until 3 months until the end of this smartphone was released.

You need to know, especially for those of you who want to buy Huawei P9, it seems specifications that will be taken by the next generation of mobile phones Huawei is indeed Huwaei P8 should not be underestimated. It is said that the specification will carry the Huawei P9 950 Chipset Kirin, which is known chipset made from Huawei is claimed to have very good performance, and is said to be ready to compete with chipset from Qualcomm and also chipset from Samsung. Not only that, this phone reportedly will also bring 4GB RAM along with superior features that feature fingerprint or a fingerprint sensor.

The interesting thing also from the specification that will be brought by this smartphone is on the back of the camera sector. It is said that the resolution will be taken at Huawei P9 rear camera of 16 MP and also supports OIS and autofocus features. Then how Dual camera is? whether it’s better or vice versa? if you think about logically then the outcome is obviously great. But for more details, we wait for its official presence in the market.

Well that’s all I can give information regarding the release date Huawei P9, hopefully this information is true. Or even the release date of this phone can even be more advanced than rumored.