Improving Quality Photos and Videos HTC One M8

Improving Quality Photos and Videos HTC One M8 – Lately, the camera 4MP UltraPixel on the HTC One M8 has received a lot of mixed reactions from some users, some say that the camera embedded in the HTC One M8 is really horrible, some say that the quality of the resulting mediocre and not too special when compared with other cameras.

This makes a developer from XDA forum, Jishnu Sur, creating a mod that aims to further improve the performance of the camera HTC One M8, provided you already have root access on it. However, Mod This not only improves image quality, but also able to increase video bitrate is constant in numbers 35Mbps which will make the image quality becomes very real.

HTC One M8

HTC One M8

For those of you who are curious, here is the full features of the Mod.

  • Change the video bitrate become CBR (Constant Bitrate) 35Mbps
  • Creating additional scenes when making Video
  • Equipped with a flash and self timer in the fashion scene Brust
  • Supports flash mode in the mode EIS
  • Flash for night mode
  • Remove the limit fixed for the resolution panoramic images
  • Flash support for panoramic pictures
  • Selft timer for panoramic pictures
  • Support to increase the speed to 1/9000
  • Setting the minimum shutter speed of 1/100.
  • Media profiles for better audio quality and can be changed.
  • Bumped up to 95 JPEG quality
  • Eliminate restrictions Bitrate Harcoded
  • Enhanced sound bitrates from 192kbps to 156kbps be getting quality sound clearer and louder when you’re recording.
  • Better color reproduction in all modes Manual, automatic and HDR.

In addition to the above facilities, in fact you can find more comparisons when you are shooting using mod flashable and by not using flashable mod, you can see the comparison picture here. In addition, for those of you who want to taste how the greatness of this flashable mod, you can download here (Download flashable mod) for free.