Innovation, Mobile Gamepad Create Android Smartphone Becoming Game Controller

Currently, it is only natural that the functions of smartphones is no longer just for media communication, but also to a variety of multimedia functions. One of them, playing games. Especially for android smartphone users, play games become more exciting again with different types of mobile game app from the Google Play Store, ranging from multiple categories gameplay even with the number of additional accessories for playing games.

A variety of accessories such as game controllers call Samsung GamePad controller, or a mobile game console of OUYA can certainly add to the excitement when playing games via android smartphone. But this time the trial presented is no longer just another variation of mobile game applications, games console and controller. Developers are trying to develop the gaming experience on Android smartphones by bringing it up to another platform.

Mobile Gamepad Create Android Smartphone
Application has just been released by XDA Developers create android smartphone into a game controller for Windows. Mobile Applications gamepad is working with server-side application on the host PC, which allows users to use a different control to play games. With Mobile Gamepad user can also set the system to use the digital pads, swipe gestures or even accelerometer on the gadget to run the game on PC.

This application actually gives the user the flexibility to adjust fully control the game. Users will get the virtual D-pad, 6 buttons that normally exist in the controller (square, triangle, circle, cross, pause and start), do not miss also the accelerometer-based controls on the movement of motion-based alias.

But of course this application is not just changing the android smartphone into a gaming controller for the PC, but at the same time gives quick access to favorite games that users can be accessed directly from the application. Mobile applications gamepad and also can be used to control other applications on the PC.

In summary, this gamepad Mobile app android smartphone into a controller to change the game on the PC, which also serve to regulate other applications remotely. Other features offered, these applications also becomes a kind of shortcut for users to access favorite game either on your PC or in the mobile gadget.