Introducing, Fira OS, Android ROM’s Amazing Artificial Internal Affairs

Introducing, Fira OS, Android ROM’s Amazing Artificial Internal Affairs – Speaking about Android ROM, you certainly more familiar with foreign-made ROM, such as Cyanogenmon, and others who already have a name in the world. But did you know that Indonesia also has the Android ROMs that are made by people in this country? it turns out there is a tablet, this is the work of PT. Fira Makmur Indonesia. PT. Fira Makmur Indonesia alone make an Android ROM called Fira OS, which is mentioned by the Co-Founder her that this is one of the Indonesian response to the ROM from abroad.

Fira OS is an Android ROM developed on Android version 5.1 or known as Lollipop. Minimum hardware specification required ROM made in Indonesia is a processor with a speed of 1.2 GHz and 1GB of RAM. But what is unfortunate is that the current Fira OS can not be enjoyed by the public, because this ROM is newly developed for smartphone Polytron, Polytron which serves as the first partner of Fira OS itself.

OS is already running in different variants Polytron smartphone, including the latest variant was launched in January last, the smartphone Polytron Zap 6. Where Polytron Zap 6 with 5 variants Note that Posh, Posh, Note, Cleo, and Power is already using artificial ROM PT. Fira Makmur Indonesia.

Smartphone Polytron who have used Fira OS

Smartphone Polytron who have used Fira OS

Then how about the features of this OS Fira? what the hell excess artificial ROM in this country compared to foreign-made? Let’s see more about this below.

The advantages and features Fira OS

  1. Ability To Learn Time Pulse With Easy
Display information on the remaining balance of the notifications menu

Display information on the remaining balance of the notifications menu

Although it seems that the feature is not very special, but it feels quite unique and do not exist in other ROMs. To enjoy this feature, users simply access the notifications menu by sliding the screen from top to bottom. In the upper left corner of the notifications menu will materialize the rest of your credit balance. Dian Kurniadi, as komiasaris and Co-Founder of PT. Fira Makmur Indonesia claims that this feature has been supporting all mobile operators in Indonesia.

2. Application Fira Store

Do not mistake this one feature, because this is not the sort of app store Google Play Store or the other, but rather an application that can allow users Fira OS to buy different kinds of pulses. Toll telephone, electrical pulses, to online gaming vouchers can be purchased directly through the Fira Store.

3. Pay Fira

This is the answer of Fira OS to challenge other mobile payment systems like the Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, and even Android Pay. Briefly, the workings of Fira Pay is similar to other payment services. Users need to enter their credit card information in advance. After that, this feature can only be used for online and offline transactions directly from their smartphone.

4. Application Soccer TV

Although for this one feature is still there in this ROM, but PT. Fira Makmur Indonesia promises that this one feature will be presented. Fira OS has teamed up with one of the TV channels to give an exclusive ball impressions that can only be enjoyed in Fira OS. Interesting right ?

These features are still to be superior compared to other OS Fira. Although it is recognized that its features is still relatively very little, it is because in the first phase, namely PT. Fira Makmur Indonesia wants to focus in the development of this ROM interface. The next phase is to develop more applications that have been designed specifically for users of Indonesia and support for other smartphones.

Fira OS interface

Fira OS interface

When talking about the user interface display at Fira OS, you will be presented with the UI look much like that of the MIUI, yes because the ROM is not made in the country there is the App Drawer. But you should know is that in terms of the interface, Fira OS arguably have successfully developed their own distinctive characteristics. Basic features such as support for 4G network LTE, NFC, hotspots, and others are also readily available in the Fira OS.

Interesting right ? as already described, unfortunately ROM nation’s children still can not be enjoyed by the public, so if you want to try how this OS Fira, you are required to wear a smartphone Polytron.

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