iPhone 7 Plus Reportedly Coming With 256GB Internal Memory

iPhone 7 Plus Reportedly Coming With Internal Memory 256GB – Sign in the new year 2016 certainly increased the rumors circulating about a smartphone that will be released, be it a smartphone class such as Samsung Galaxy S7, or smartphone China can not be underestimated the Xiaomi Mi 5. It is a smartphone that will be released in 2016 it was recorded very much, even from different vendors, both leading vendors and vendor newcomers. No exception of one of the leading manufacturers in the world, who else if not Apple.

iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7 Plus

In 2016, Apple reportedly ready to release their latest flagship flagship become the next generation of the iPhone 6, which is one latest 2015 smartphone ago. Like its predecessor, the latest smartphone from Apple is rumored that iPhone 7 comes with three variants at once, the Apple iPhone 7c, Regular iPhone 7, and iPhone 7 Plus.So far the rumors of the three variants are being widely talk about, especially for the Apple iPhone 7c variant that is said will bring a very small-sized display panel with a size of 4 inches, which according to the most recent news of the phone is released in March.

But this time I will not discuss the information from the iPhone variant 7c, but this time I will discuss about the iPhone 7 Plus. As reported by phonearena pages, it is said that Apple will provide internal storage space to the latest smartphone devices, especially for its Plus version with storage space that is two times greater than the previous generation. It is known that before the iPhone 6 using the internal memory of 128GB, but this time on the flagship reportedly seed that is claimed to be ready to be released in 2016 will have internal storage with a maximum capacity of up to 256GB large.

Indeed, if we talk about the technology certainly is endless, and the more years, growing rapidly also existing technology. As rumored on the iPhone 7 Plus, with an internal memory capacity reaching 256GB feels very pretty once to meet the storage needs of your important data. And if this rumor is true, certainly can be one of the advantages of its own iPhone 7 other than mobile phones.

Be aware though, that it was informed on the display of all variants of the Apple iPhone 7 equipped with Touch ID, which is deliberately done by the apple itself to improve responsifitas screen to be higher and can distinguish only between touching and tapping on the screen. No wonder if the future price of the iPhone 7 either variant or variants Regular Plus is priced very high, because the technology brought by Apple itself is the superior technology that is not shared by other smartphones.

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