Latest Game Rockstar Ready Announced In Time Near!

Latest Game Rockstar Ready Announced In Time Near! – The development of the technology very quickly, if we are talking about technology and gaming, what can we get from both of them? To be sure the two are mutually united with one another. The technology used in a game industry is now very advanced, we can see the results with the number of new games especially present in 2016 with stunning graphics display. Names like CD Project, Naughty Dog, Bethesda, until Rockstar deserve to go to the list of game developers with the best graphics.

For this last name, his behavior was indeed no longer in doubt. Rockstar developer may not be able to issue game every year, but each release always end with success in terms of quality and sales excellence. Game developer famous for its open-world game genre is already very well known among gamers, especially among gamers in the 2000s, when his GTA San Andreas is very loved by gamers PS2 that time. Until the latest GTA series which is widely played until now the GTA V.

In addition to the GTA series is very popular once, in the days of the PS2 developers who have also never achieve similar success. It is thanks to his game titled Bully Scholarship, yes even though developers of this game is famous game genre gangsters, violence, and so forth, until the latest one is the ban on playing games like GTA V Online, voiced by KPAI on some time ago.

Latest Game RockstarFor those who are waiting for the latest game Rockstar, it seems a matter of time. The brain behind the GTA series is ready to announce a new game project in the near future, so in 2016 it certainly!

This was disclosed by the publisher – Take-Two Interactive in their latest financial report. Take-Two openly mention that Rockstar Games is currently actually handling the multiple new games and one of them ready to be introduced in the near future. Unfortunately, he did not provide the extra detail at all about this latest game. But if you look a variety of rumors that had circulated last few months, Red Dead Redemption 2 appears to be one of the potential titles that might arise.

Latest Game Rockstar

Rockstar also did not provide details of how “close” this announcement. But if look at E3 2016 that were in front of the eye, most likely the mystery will be opened in the event.

How about you? It has been very enthusiastically waiting for this right? You expect the “new game” will end up being what? Bully 2? Red Dead Redemption 2? Or a new game title that has never existed before?