Leaked Pokemon GO Show Gameplay Fun

Leaked Pokemon GO Show Gameplay Fun, When to Be Released? – Pokemon, anime series from the beginning until now seemed to linger in our memories. This time we will not talk about his anime series, but we will talk about Pokemon games for mobile, which is titled Pokemon GO. You must already know dong with a game that will be released for mobile devices both Android and iOS? This game is already highly anticipated by mobile gamers around the world, but the big question here is when this will be released Pokemon GO? it seems this question is still not found an answer frankly, because the official party has not announced about the release date for Pokemon GO both Android and iOS itself.

However, you do not have to worry beforehand, because developers have started to give Pokemon GO leakage, seepage bit by bit to the public. From the start of the leaked gameplay that has been widely circulated on the Internet. It is now a game developed by Niantic has entered the test phase.

Pokemon GO

Turns Pokemon GO is already available on the Google Play Store tablets. As presented by a Reddit user, Juxlos, Pokemon GO is already available on the Google Play Store. However, only those who are members of a special law on Google+ group who can get access to download and play this game.

And here is some information about Pokemon GO successful in said till now:

  • Later there will be 151 Pokemon available in this game and everything is Pokémon from the first generation (Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle). All Pokemon will be divided into three classes, namely Normal, Legendary and Mythic.
  • At the beginning of the game, you will not have Pokemon altogether.
  • There are a total of 232 capability / movement in this game by approximately two skills / movement of each Pokemon.
  • Accuracy by GPS is still not 100% accurate.
  • There is a feature achievements are denoted with badges. Each badge will be obtained after performing specific tasks-ranging from as simple as walking and catching Pokemon, up to complicated things like entering certain PokeStops.
  • There are seven personality in this game which consists of Stoic, Guardian, Assassin, Raider, Protector, Sentry, and Champion.
  • Each type Pokemon, including Fairy, Dark, and Steel has been available in the data.
  • Pokemon can evolve with collecting “fragments” of wild Pokemon to get Evolution Stone. However, certain way of evolution every different Pokemon.
  • Much like Ingress, this game detects any activity including travel distance and eggs have hatched.
  • There are features of appearance settings for the character of each player. There are a total of 52 items to be worn.
  • There are features of Pokemon Navigator (Pokenav) to determine the emotional state of Pokemon in this game.
  • There are several items that you can buy for real currency, these items such as Poke Ball, medicine, food, and a gem.
  • The goods were divided into 6 categories consisting of Poke Balls, Food, Medicine, Boost, Utilities, and Camera.
  • The maximum level is 50 characters, items brought maximum is 1000 slots, and the limits of Pokemon and eggs carry is 500 slots,
  • You need to know that this game was made by the Unity Engine.
  • There will be three teams in the game Pokemon GO, the blue team, red team and the yellow team.
  • There are units that allegedly named Combat Points to show how difficult a Pokemon can be caught.
  • There is a gym Points feature, it remains unclear what function.
  • Some places such as railway stations and hospitals are believed to appear in this game.
  • Most likely there will be a day and night system in this game Pokemon Go.

Now that he’s some leaked Pokomen GO successfully revealed until this moment, it looks to be very exciting ya! But please note again that this game until now can only be played by those who are members of the group a special invitation in Google+. And reportedly this new game is available for Japanese territory only, so for those of you who live in Indonesia should be more patient to wait.