Leaked Specifications Xiaomi Mi Coming By Design Similar Mi 5 and Screen 6.4 Inches

This Leaked Specifications Xiaomi Mi Coming By Design Similar Mi 5 and Screen 6.4 Inches – After a few days ago Xiaomi conducted a poll among fans to determine the name of the product candidates handset jumbo-sized next, finally now been revealed also the name of phablet first Xiaomi. From the list of names like Xiaomi Pro, Xiaomi Plus, Xiaomi Max Big, Xiaomi Max gain the most amount of support by the fans, which reached 51.62% of the vote, while Xiaomi Big is ranked 2nd. And officially, Xiaomi confirmed that its first phablet will use the name Xiaomi Max.

Xiaomi will be what form this Max? a few days ago a lot of leakage, seepage showing the form of the latest smartphone Xiaomi is coming soon, starting from the screen panel, design, up to the latest emerging leaked specs and benchmark scores have been generated phablet Xiaomi this one.

For in terms of design, it is reported by many parties that have a design like Max Xiaomi flagship smartphone Mi 5, but with a larger size. Xiaomi Max looks to have a home button just below the display and flanked by two capacitive buttons, as on the Xiaomi Mi 5. Fingerprint sensor will also be present and will be embedded in the home button and the power button and the volume was on the right side of the handset.

Leaked Specifications Xiaomi Mi

Then how to part of the screen? A few days ago also had a tantrum in the presence of the front panel shows the information that will be used Xiaomi Max. Phones that this one will be the first phone with the largest screen launched by Xiaomi, how not, the front panel leaks circulating show that Xiaomi Max screen measuring 6.4 inches, great is not it? if you are not familiar with this size screen will certainly be difficult to operate this phablet.

Next to business specifications, after news emerged that Xiaomi will use a chipset of its own, no longer appear different rumors that mention Xiaomi will not be using the chipset of its own, but will continue to use high end chipset from Qualcomm, who else if not Snapdragon 820.

Yes, some parties claimed that the specification Xiaomi Max will use Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset, and will likely come with 4GB of RAM. Although this rumor is not true, many of those who had believed that the phablet is indeed Xiaomi will enter the ranks of high-end smartphones such as Xiaomi Mi 5.

However, today datamobilephones  also managed to get an information sourced from Gizmochina that Xiaomi Max leaked specs also appear in GFXBench. In contrast to previous rumors stating chipset that will be carried is Snapdragon 820 and 4GB of RAM, it gives the leaked specs GFXBench which this processor is a Qualcomm processor clocked Hexa-Core 1.8 GHz, wherein the processor series is still unknown. Coupled with the graphics processing Adreno 510 GPU and 2GB of RAM, GFXBench also mentions internal memory capacity of 16GB Xiaomi Max later. For more details you can see from the image below.

Specifications Xiaomi MiIn addition to the leaked specs are successfully revealed, it turns out benchmark scores also surfaced. Where seen from the picture below, the benchmark score of Xiaomi Max is touching number 114512. No kidding indeed, it seems that the phablet is indeed going to be a phablet with a high specification in its class.

Xiaomi Mi

Xiaomi Max phablet will reportedly be revealed in May. Are proven Xiaomi Max will come with designs such as flagship smartphone Mi 5 and specifications such as leaks that are above? we wait until it is time Xiaomi Max’s release, and therefore continue to follow developments in the news this Xiaomi Max.