Leaked Update COC May 2016

Leaked Update COC May 2016: Start of the Skeleton Spell, Up Clone Spell That Can Multiply Forces – Any updates, whatever his game certainly is always eagerly awaited by the players, whether it’s an update that brings major changes or only minor changes still be an interesting thing to look forward. No exception to the updated Clash Of Clans or what we call the COC, this time datamobilephones will provide an article that discussed the COC leakage, seepage update that will come in May 2016.

Leaked update COC May 2016 this time will be a lot of changes, ranging from new Spell until the new forces will be presented by Supercell for homemade games this one. The changes that will be present include adding new features namely Friendly Challenge, additional levels for buildings and troops, newly named Skeleton Spell Spell, two new forces COC namely Baby Dragon and Miner, and leaked the latest updates Recent named Clone Spell Spell.

Surely you are curious as to what was not a detail update this time? see below for more yuk!

Update Leaked COC May 2016

1. Friendly Challenge, War With Fellow Clan Member

Update Leaked COC

Update Leaked COC

If you also play other games that Clash Supercell Royale, it seems these features are much like the features or Friendly Battle Royale Match at Clash. Friendly Challenge on the COC allows fellow Clan members can attack his base with one another. It’s interesting this feature is a good player attacking or being attacked will not lose Gold, Elixir, Tropps, Spell, Hero, and Traps. So, this feature is a kind of practice attacked by his own troops.

How to Apply Friendly Challenge Clash of Clans

  • In May 2016 the COC update will come soon, Supercell will add a new button called Challenge, where the button is placed at the top of the Clan Chat.
  • Press the button to perform Friendly Challenge Challenge, then select the base you want to use.
  • After the Challenge button is pressed, a friend Clan members can attack the base that you have selected earlier.
  • When Friendly Challenge takes place, you will not lose any resources or troops.

Receiving Friendly Challenge Clash of Clans

  • When there is a friend of one of your Clan offers a Friendly Challenge, you can accept their offer by pressing the Challenge.
  • Troops, Spell, and Hero used when Friendly Challenge will be back to normal.
  • If completed, will appear in the column Clan Chat Replay to repeat the fight Friendly Challange.

2. Addition To Building and Troop Levels

Update COC

In addition to adding the latest features such as above the Clallange Friendly, Supercell will also present a new level for some troops and buildings such as Spring Trap, bowlers, Canon, Lava Hound, and also Balloon.

Town Hall 7+: Spring Trap levels 2-4, level additions Spring Tap allows to throw the enemy forces repeatedly

Town Hall 10+: Bowler housing space is reduced to 6, the manufacturing capacity which used eight bowlers, the Clash Of Clans update this later in May 2016 will be the sixth.

Town Hall 11+: Cannon level 14, Lava Hound level 4, and also Balloon level 7.

3. New Spell: Skeleton Spell

Skeleton Spell

A third change which will come at the time this update is the latest spell called Skeleton Spell. Not much different with Spell in general in this game COC, Skeleton Spell can we fall-out in any area.

What is interesting is that this spell can issue a red skull is ready to gnaw at the same tower and enemy forces. At the time of use, this spell will issue a Skeleton with a certain amount. Skeleton Spell The higher the level, the more Skeleton emerging. To be sure of this spell will be very useful to help you destroy the enemy tower and the forces that were in the castle Clan.

Making Skeleton Spell

Skeleton Spell Spell is one that you can make from Dark Spell Factory. The first requirement you must meet to make Skeleton This spell is that you have to be at Town Hall 9 (TH 9) and it has been upgrading its Dark Spell Factory up to level 4. For the cost of manufacture, Skeleton Spell can be made at a cost ranging from 130 Dark Elixir (still uncertain).

4. 2 new forces COC namely Baby Dragon and Miner

2 new forces COC namely Baby Dragon and Miner

Baby Dragon or could be interpreted this Baby dragon can be practically very similar to that of the baby dragon Clash Royale. Green and has a cruising speed fairly quickly. However, it is not as strong as usual dragon, baby dragon has a body that is quite weak and should be helped by Lava Hound for assault over the maximum. Baby Dragon open while at Town Hall 9.


Not only that, in May 2016 the COC update coming soon will also be presenting other new forces that Miner. The Wall is stuck with instead of being an obstacle to Miner. Because the ability of the latest forces to this one in digging the ground to be very reliable when war. Some meta latest in Clash of Clans such as the use Bowler will be present in quick time, the possibility Miner will too. You can use the Miner at Town Hall 10.
5. New Spell: Spell Clone Can Doubling Troops

Spell Clone Can Doubling Troops

And leaks Clash Of Clans last update revealed until now is about the presence of the latest spell called Clone Spell. From the name saj akita already guessed the workings of spell this one, yes Clone This spell can use to double its forces within a certain time.

Clone Spell doubles teams into the circle Spell it. The team that successfully cloned will have hitpoints and damage similar to the original team. Cool is not it?

Spell clone can you do, but you have already entered the Town Hall 10. Making Clone Factory Spell Spell conducted at a cost of Elixir.

Now that he’s some leaked The latest update was successful COC in May 2016 revealed that up to now, if other leaks will appear again, we will certainly share in the next article.

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