Lenovo A536 Review Price and Specs

Lenovo A536 Review Price and Specs – Smartphone Lenovo A536 is aimed at demanding users, and its main advantages are the low price and solid equipment. Will he, despite the huge competition in the lower class to enforce?

Appearance and Processing

This inexpensive novelty is available with us for some Friday and reviewed outside the black color is with us also available in white tuxedo and thanks to the model A328 even smaller 4.5 “version. Me test version boasted a black and maybe thanks to her went to see the fingerprints and various smudges on glossy back.

Lenovo A536

Lenovo A536

The dimensions of the phone are classic and not particularly nenadchne – height of 139.6 mm, width of 72 mm and a depth of less than one centimeter more then 9.96 mm. The body is rounded and comfortable to hold. Despite my relatively large hands, I will not avoid reaching round to reach more remote locations on the screen and sometimes my phone slipped slightly.

The left and bottom sides is clean, without any connectors. On the right side we find the button to turn off the display, located just below the buttons for volume control. Location of the switch button on the right side is due to the size appropriate phone, after all wrinkles more comfortable than if it was placed on the upper side. The buttons are not very protruding from the body itself, so it is sometimes difficult their palpation.

On the top side we find an audio jack and my absurdly based microUSB connector. Why is the microUSB at the top, I still did not understand me and absolutely does not – either because of increased use of navigation in the car, or worse handling if my phone is charging.


The actual model A536 has a large screen formed TN panel with a diagonal of 5 “with the now somewhat low resolution of 854 x 480 pixels. Due to the selected basic imaging technology screen phone has worse viewing angles and colors. Again, we are given the price we can not expect anything better. The brightness is sufficiently intense, but its minimum value was in my judgment a little too strong. Total I also resented the lack of an ambient light sensor and the associated possibility of setting an automatic brightness level.

Lenovo A536 Review

Lenovo A536 Review

The buttons below the display are illuminated and are more likely to touch accuracy (for good “press”, resp. Activate the buttons needed to peg exactly the marked symbols). This activity was largely in the dark difficult.
Hardware equipment

The heart of the smartphone is a quad-core processor from Mediatek, which has a 1.3 GHz clock cycle. Part of this processor graphics core Mali-400 MP2. Processor seconded RAM memory that 1 GB is sufficient for all normal activities.

User memory is nothing to impress. From the basic eight gigabytes a system bite just over 3 GB of user data, there remains a space of 4.5 gigabytes Fortunately, however, expand the memory storage cards, and up to 32 gigabytes


Speaker can be found at the rear of the device. The sound quality I was not surprised, although I had expected better. The sound is distorted and lacks bass.


Replaceable battery has a capacity of 2000mAh, it ranks among the average battery. Battery life is at an all-day enabled Wi-Fi, a three-hour use messenger and execution of several dozen calls came two days. When turned on Wi-Fi, only occasionally seeing on the screen the battery after three days at 71%.

Charging took about two hours, but with the charger may vary slightly.
Vibe system and UI

With various modifications of Android, we meet almost daily and Lenovo A536 is no exception. The base is Android 4.4.2 KitKat, over which runs environments Vibe UI. Options settings for this environment are rather limited, essentially to know is the lack of menus and the need to have everything on your desktop. If a large number of applications me this idea confusing for a long time I was looking for where I put my application.

This environment will offer only a few simple features – the ability to add / subtract areas, clumping applications into folders. This possibility Vibe UI ends. However, the environment can be easily changed in the Play Store can find hundreds of them. Until the system itself has not made any noticeable action.

Part of the phone are preinstalled applications Lenovo doit about which you can read here.

Connectivity and Network

Lenovo A536 is a model with support for two SIM cards. Unfortunately, I had a pre-production test piece and a second slot for the SIM card was blind, so I can not say what is happening to their use and what are the possibilities of setting.

Of course there is then Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS. Wi-Fi signal was good, I’d rather above average. This can not be said about GPS, which for too long looked for satellites and navigation in the car with me at higher speed showed the position of the derogation and 300 meters (tested in sunny weather, cloudless sky – it should be noted that it was a pre-production unit) .


Despite its low price Lenovo A536 offers two cameras. The front has a resolution of only 2 megapixels and amply sufficient to video calls, or so. “Selfie”.

Rear view camera, which is equipped přisvětlovací diode has a resolution of 5 megapixels and includes auto focus.

Color rendering was due to a very good price, it would hardly be in this price range sought competitor.

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