Lenovo K4 Note Specifications Will stretcher 3GB RAM

Lenovo K4 Note Specifications Will stretcher 3GB RAM – Lenovo, about we talk about this vendor we definitely always remember with superior smartphone that is highly in demand in the market Indonesia, namely Lenovo A7000. It can not be denied that these vendors received a good response in Indonesia, how not, Lenovo always give the specifications are not worth the price. The point here is, Lenovo provide more specifications at minimal prices, this is the reason everyone flocked to buy a smartphone from Lenovo. Well this time we will not discuss the Lenovo A7000, but we will discuss the next generation of the smartphone Lenovo K3 Note, Lenovo K4 Note that Lenovo.

Lenovo K4 Note

Lenovo K4 Note

Looking back, Lenovo also successful with this one device that is K3 Note. Where phablet is getting a lot of attention from various circles thanks to the design and specifications given. It is known that the design of Lenovo K3 Note itself is designed with a view that is quite tempting, with a plastic material as the main material-making body, in addition to be designed with high comfort so phablet is easy to use one hand, thanks to the use of the body and the size dimensions are have also makes it lighter and easy to carry anywhere without bulky.

Skip to the discussion K3 Note, now we go back to the main topic on the specifications of Lenovo K4 Note that reportedly will use 3GB RAM. As informed by GSM Arena, who showed a teaser of Lenovo K4 Note that appear in the image below. The teaser image comes from an official tweet from Lenovo account on twitter, where the picture was very interesting. You can notice that from the teaser image Note K4 obtained from the Lenovo tweet shows a puzzle of RAM that will be pinned on the Lenovo K4 Note, there appears there options ranging from 1, 1.5, 2 and the last or fourth option is 3GB.

From the teaser circulating, many people speculated that future specifications K4 Note Lenovo will bring 3GB RAM. Rumors are circulating not only that, but another newspaper also said that the phablet latest from Lenovo will be equipped with an internal memory capacity of 2-fold greater in the appeal of its predecessor, or approximately 32GB, which will no microSD slot that you can use as a storage space Additional internal storage space if it is not enough to hold your data.

In addition, rumors out there, mentioned later sekto runway space of K4 Note Lenovo will be equipped with qualified specifications. That’s because the next generation of K3 Note is rumored to be using the latest chipsets from Mediatek which has eight processor cores and was given the nickname by the name of Helio X10, if the information specifications on space sector runway is true, does not seem to be surprised if later this smartphone will highly anticipated by many. Given Helio X10 will certainly give a very satisfactory performance for users, be it for business fast multitasking, gaming and smooth affair.

Well that’s all I can give you information on the specifications of Lenovo K4 Note that reportedly will carry 3GB RAM, which means he will have a higher specification than the previous generation Lenovo K3 Note. Regardless whether or not this case, we still have to wait for official information coming from Lenovo itself, for it looks like we’ll soon see the full specifications of the latest phablet Lenovo at CES 2016. And continue to follow the development of the latest information about the latest smartphones, of course, in datamobilephones.