List of Devices That Get Updates Windows 10 Mobile

Today Microsoft releases Windows 10 Mobile, This is the List of Devices That Get Updates Windows 10 Mobile – Previously since late 2015 and Microsoft have been touting for plans to reward users with the previous Lumia Windows Phone operating system Windows 10. Unfortunately, the plan must be extended from schedule because the OS is not really ready to be distributed on Lumia smartphones. Well, this time there is good news that you certainly Lumia users will be pleased with the news this time.

Day-nati awaited by the users of Windows Phone 8.1 smartphone has arrived. Updates Mobile operating system Windows 10 finally slid after three delays. Update Windows 10 Mobile is actually scheduled to attend since the end of 2015 yesterday. Not just a rumor like weeks ago, and also out of beta, but this time it finally Microsoft has released updated Windows 10 Mobile appropriate on this day.

List of Devices That Get Updates Windows 10 Mobile

List of Devices That Get Updates Windows 10 Mobile

Lumia devices are getting an update this time also is quite a lot, and there is even an older Lumia smartphones which also gets updated Windows 10’s. Here is a complete list of Lumia smartphones are getting an update.
The Lumia Smartphone Getting list Windows 10 Update Mobile

  1.  Lumia 1520
  2. Lumia 640
  3.  Lumia 930
  4. Lumia 730
  5. Lumia 640XL
  6. Lumia 830
  7. Lumia 735
  8. Lumia 535
  9. Lumia 532
  10. Lumia 635 1GB
  11. Lumia 638 1GB
  12. Lumia 636 1GB
  13. Lumia 540
  14. Lumia 435
  15. Lumia 430
  16. BLU Win HD LTE x150q
  17. BLU Win HD w510u
  18. MCJ Madosma Q501

A total of 18 devices were officially get updates Windows 10 this time, if among the above list including smartphones yours too? if yes, can you please do the update will soon be able to taste what it’s like to use Windows 10 this mobile. Surely in Windows 10 this time there are some new features that previously did not exist in Windows Mobile 8.1, which are features of Continuum, Windows Halo and voice assistant Cortana and arrays are better, because they’ve got the bug fixes.

As usual, this operating system updates you can install OTA manner Settings> Phone Update and check for updates, if there is an update notification immediately do an update.

But if you do not get it, it is better to install apps from the Windows Store Upgrade Advisor. Afterwards, run the application and check the option to upgrade your Pastika Windows 10. Finally, open the Settings menu, select the menu Phone Update and manually check whether Windows 10 Mobile already can be downloaded to your Lumia smartphone. If not yet available, it is better to wait some time and try again.