Lumia Smartphone Getting Update list Windows 10 Mobile

Talking about the Lumia seems indeed not many people are using this smartphone, especially for the region of Indonesia. The Lumia pamornya very inferior to smartphone-kind Android smartphone Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi, and even Asus Zenfone.

Well this time I will give you the good news that is sure you have been waiting for, especially the Lumia smartphone users. The good news is it? this time I will give you a list of Lumia smartphones that mengdapatkan update Windows 10. We know that the previous since late 2015 and Microsoft have been touting for planning rewarded the previous Lumia Windows Phone users with operating systems Windows 10 Mobile. Unfortunately, the plan must be delayed from the schedule because the OS terssebut not really ready.

This is unfortunate by many people who use the Lumia, the article does not go hand Microsoft provide definite information about when Windows 10 mobile will be launched on any smartphone Lumia, Lumia and type anything that will get the latest updates. However, amid the uncertainty of it, Vodafone Italy even sing about it in his official Twitter account.

Here are recaps of chirp Twitter Vodafone Italia concerning Lumia smartphone that will get updated Windows 10 mobile.


How do you think the Lumia? previously, Microsoft has confirmed that it will get the updates is Microsoft Lumia 950. This time, according to Vodafone Italy, there are six Lumia smartphones are lucky and will receive updates on the Windows 10 operating system like Microsoft Lumia 950. Mobile 6 smartphones are lucky to get these updates starting from lowest series Lumia 535, Lumia 635, Lumia 735, Lumia 830, Lumia 930, and Lumia 1520.

Well for those of you who can not wait when Windows 10 Mobile updates will be rolled out in every smartphone that has registered the operating system update is reportedly scheduled to attend OTA (over the air) and can be downloaded directly from the smartphone. Distribution OS Windows 10 Mobile for smartphones Lumia will be implemented gradually starting from March 7 to March 13, 2016. Hopefully this information is correct and can be enjoyed Lumia users around the world, not only in Italy.