MIUI 8 Will Be Ready Launched On May 10, 2016

MIUI 8 Will Be Ready Launched On May 10, 2016 Future, Like What newest feature? – The latest news unceasingly come to the Xiaomi, brand this one is in the near future is always launch the latest information related to technology, especially his smartphone. Finally, in a few days ago came two latest smartphones are ready to be launched in the near future, two smartphones are Xiaomi Max which is a phablet first of Xiaomi, and the second is the latest variant of redmi 3 namely Xiaomi redmi 3A which will bring the specifications are not much different but the price is relatively cheaper.

Well this time is no longer the latest news on your the Mi Fans, this news is not about smartphones, but this time relating to the UI mainstay of Xiaomi, what else if not MIUI. MIUI is a user interface / user interfaces that exist on Xiaomi smartphone. UI-made itself famous Xiaomi has no app drawer, which according to most people would think a little strange. And most of the current Xiaomi user would have to use MIUI 7, is not it?

MIUI 8 Will Be Ready Launched On May 10, 2016

But for those of you using Xiaomi should know about the good news of this one, this news is about MIUI 8 will be released next few days. As successful datamobilephones from the information reported on the website en.miui.com, mentioned that MIUI 8 will be ready to be released on May 10, 2016, it means it will not longer just a matter of about two weeks from now.

From this information, the presence of MIUI 8, the latest version of MIUI 7 successor will be present together with his release of two devices namely Xiaomi Max, and Mi Band 2 at an event to be held next May.

Then it would be like to see, the design, and the latest features available on MIUI 8 this? wait for more info on May 10. But for those of you who are already curious to see MIUI 8, can watch the video which is shown below.

Of the existing video above demonstrates how to see the notification bar on this latest version of MIUI. Looks very different to that of the current MIUI 7, in MIUI 8 later you will see a notification bar with the view that more and more fresh course, which will provide a different experience using your Xiaomi smartphone.

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