New Hero COC (Clash Of Clans) “Master Wizard”

You a fan of games on smartphones? certainly knows pong with a very famous game lately, yeah right! The game is COC (Clash Of Clans). Reportedly a new hero COC will soon be launched, this new hero named “Master Wizard”. This strategy game genre is a game that attracts many people, as evidenced by occupying the top chart in the play store. A game that was developed by supercell is indeed being talked about regarding rumors.

After a few days ago a rumor and has also been confirmed by Supercell as the developer of the game is the presence of Town Hall 11 (TH 11), now comes back rumors that the COC will bring new heroes to accompany the hero long been familiar to players COC like Barbarian Archer King and Queen. These rumors can be seen from some of the video on Youtube is still a silhouette or shadow only and it was unclear as to whether the new Hero.

Clash Of Clans

From the pictures that are still black silhouette of the below shown how the value of a hero that must be purchased, namely the purple elixir 6000000, hereby gamers COC (Clash of Clans) can only buy a new hero of the COC named “Master Wizard”.

Gamers COC (Clash of Clans) certainly are looking forward to the presence of the new Hero rumors that have been circulating outside, as reported by the Product-reviewers are (10.30.2015), which is the developer Supercell game of COC (Clash of Clans) is not will only provide 11 upgrade Town Hall, but also will present a new hero coupled with an upgrade item COC (Clash of Clans) others, it may be intended to encompass other enthusiasts to play this game.

Many gamers COC who will argue for new heroes that will be presented by, among others those that guess the new hero COC (Clash Of Clans) will have wings and can fly of course, it makes a lot of gamers assume the form of a new hero will be like Dragon and Lava ,

Although the news about the shape of the new hero COC is still confusing, and also unclear what shape did. But the news about the new heroes that will be launched soon was able to make the general public especially the COC gamers are becoming increasingly interested in this game. Also officially announced at the Forum Supercell, that game developers COC (Clash Of Clans) will hold a competition for gamers. This competition is to create a form of representing a new hero will appear. The gamers can give creations New Hero COC (Clash Of Clans) by uploading the picture on page sosmed Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and also in the Forum Thread Supercell.