Often charge the cell phone all night?

Often charge the cell phone all night? Note About This It It Safe – One of the things or habits of mobile phone users are charging their phones whole night, or leave it connected to the charger during their sleep. Yes, this practice is often performed by a mobile phone or smartphone.

Many factors affect this, besides forgetting to unplug the charger, a lot of users who are deliberately allowing their phones to connect with the charger overnight to be able to directly use the next day. However, the question, is it safe to leave the phone connected to the charger overnight?

As successful datamobilephones quotes from reports Digital Spy, Saturday (05/07/2016), let your phone is connected to a charger whole night was not justified, or even encouraged to not charge the phone all night. While some critics say it is dangerous because it can cause a major fire, and some are saying if it can reduce the ability of the battery.

Often charge the cell phone all night

But you really do not need to be too concerned with it, because the device you are using is a smart device. It is often underestimated people is about the ability of smartphones to handle power usage. You need to know, most of today’s modern cell phones have the ability to stop charging to the battery when the capacity is already 100% charged.

Although it will stop charging when full, but sometimes the phone will use less power from the charger to maintain in order to operate and maintain the battery capacity remains at maximum capacity.

Despite leaving the phone connected to the charger overnight will not cause fire spontaneously and would not change the batteries into a liquid, but there are some things you need to consider in order to avoid unwanted things.


The first thing is the problem of overheating or excessive heat. There are several things you can do to avoid releasing excessive heat like a protective cell phone case while doing the charging overnight and make sure the phone is in a flat and hard surface while it is connected to the charger.

In addition, you should also avoid doing charging on a mattress or a pillow with an uneven surface. Therefore, it may lead to an unstable air circulation which can lead to overheating and can disrupt sleep mobile users. Excessive heat is often regarded as the trigger to fire.

Those are some things to consider if you have a habit of leaving the phone is connected to the charging overnight. It is time we are wiser in using our devices in order to avoid any unexpected case.