OnePlus 3 Specifications For High-Tech Smartphone

Smartphones have become an inevitable necessity in this modern era because it can be used in almost all aspects of life. Oneplus as one of the manufacturers involved in the smartphone market is ready to surprise the newest product. Oneplus 3 specification had been reported for a long time to show to prospective customers and upgrade technology compared with previous generations. It can be said that the manufacturers want to make a smart phone that has a high specification and maximum performance without the need to spend very deep. Keep in mind that price does not always determine the quality of a product because there are many factors that directly or indirectly affect them.

Oneplus 3 Price, Specs

Oneplus 3 Price, Specs

System and Design Oneplus 3

The first thing that will be discussed related specifications Oneplus 3 is a view and exterior design. Display size in general by 5 inches. The standard size of a lot of products found on the market so that consumers will not feel any difficulty while exploring the other side. For a given resolution is 1080 × 1920. If you are a movie fan, this resolution would have been very familiar because it is the required size categories HD movie to play to the maximum. To increase the security when used in extreme conditions, manufacturers provide cover with Gorilla Glass technology 4. As is well known, this material is able to withstand impact and vibration thus keeping intact the smartphone in the fall.

After seeing the outside, specification Oneplus 3 next is the kitchen runway. Many consumers will get dual core CPU and GPU Andreno 2:15 ghz 530. The chipset, a mobile phone from Oneplus Snapdragon CPU 820. The smartphone with the ability to perform data processing for fast and accurate. While the GPU and graphics associated with the displayed image. The combination of these features is the core of what will be accepted by consumers. Manufacturers realize that a great view to be supported by a sophisticated kitchen runway.

Next is the size of 6 GB RAM and Android operating system version v6 or known as marshmallow. Another very interesting feature is the 16 MP camera on the back and 8 GB for the future. Users can take photos with clear even to type even for moving objects has been equipped with autofocus and LED. For data storage media, available 64 GB of internal memory so users can store a variety of files such as music, documents, worksheets, and video.

Advantages Oneplus 3

Oneplus 3 of the specification has been described, there are several advantages that could make the smartphone is fast becoming the best device. RAM with a size 6 is able to do multitasking to access the application or game high specs. Next is a camera with a resolution of 16 GB which is best able to capture every moment of your life. This device supports 4G network in order to optimize the accessibility of data.

Disadvantages Oneplus 3

Disadvantages of this product is a simple design and is in a position of responsibility. This smartphone is superior to other middle-end products but have not been able to fight at the level of the premium in full. Next is not available external memory slot. Users are only given 64 GB, whereas the need for storage media continues to increase over time.

Oneplus 3 Price

Although not yet officially launched, the prices can be estimated from specification Oneplus 3. The possibility of this latest smartphone price in the range of Rp. 5-6 million. That figure could be higher or lower depending on the sales area.