Price and Specifications Samsung Galaxy Amp Prime Marshmallow

Price and Specifications Samsung Galaxy Amp Prime, Android Smartphone – After a few days ago the successful introduction of the smartphone Samsung J series is the latest version of 2016 the Galaxy J5 (2016) and Galaxy J7 (2016), is now reportedly Samsung issue a new phone again to middle class or mid range.

As has been reported by GSM Arena, that Samsung is reported to have released two medium-class smartphone variant of the Samsung Galaxy Amp Prime and Samsung Galaxy Amp 2. Both his smartphone is priced at a relatively cheap price, because both are devoted to entry into the market smartphone medium at a cheap price.

Although both are priced relatively fairly cheap for the class of smartphones made by Samsung, and the only difference between the price of hundreds of thousands just these two. But it turns out the specifications of Samsung Galaxy Amp Prime by Samsung Galaxy Amp 2 has a difference. Differences specifications as to what’s in between? Let’s see more about this below.

Samsung Galaxy Amp Prime,

Samsung Galaxy Amp Prime

Specifications Samsung Galaxy Amp Prime

First we start from the specifications of the Galaxy Amp Prime, where it will carry the phone screen size of 5 inches. Where the screen uses technology which is the technology flagship of Samsung’s Super AMOLED screen, which surely it will be one part that attracted attention because obviously this smartphone at a bargain price will be able to show a perfect image, with vivid colors. Not only is it the latest specials from mobile phone which has been introduced by Samsung, it turns Samsung Galaxy Amp Prime is already running on the Android operating system 6.0 Marshmallow. Mobile phones were launched on Cricket Wireless carriers also features other the Ultra Power Saving Mode and Easy Mode which would give the effectiveness of the device consumes battery power.

As for the camera, this phone brings a rear camera with a resolution of 5 MP lens, while the front camera is still no information. Other specifications such as RAM, Processor, chipset, GPU, and so for the moment still unclear.

Meanwhile specifications for the Galaxy Amp 2, which is said to be the cheapest version compared to the Galaxy Amp Prime will also offer a display with the same technology that is Super Amoled technology. However, the screen size of the phone which is smaller than the first, the screen of Samsung Galaxy Amp 2 is equipped with a screen measuring 4.5 inches. More great phone also features a camera and Quick Launch Ultra Power Savings Mode. Wow interesting is not it?

Samsung Galaxy Amp Prime and Samsung Galaxy Amp 2

Speaking of price, it looks like you will get a low price for class Hp Android Marshmallow, because the price of Samsung Galaxy Amp Prime is only priced at around $ 149.99. Meanwhile, if you want a cheaper solution is Galaxy Amp 2. Because this series is priced at a relatively cheap and quite a lot of difference, the price of Samsung Galaxy Amp 2 set at $ 99.99.

For additional information, both cheap phone also supports 4G LTE network, making it more likely that the above will be quite interesting smartphone many communities. Unfortunately both the smartphone is reportedly only be marketed to the United States alone, and there has been no news of the presence of the Indonesian market.