Sample Results iPhone SE Camera with 12MP Camera iSight

Cool, Here’s Some Photo Sample Results iPhone SE Camera with 12MP Camera iSight – Already a week ago we get a surprising news coming from Apple, the news of what else if not the presence of the latest generation iPhone the iPhone SE. Apple is quite brave out a phone with such great specs but with relatively cheaper prices, specifications are not much different from the iPhone 6s which is the fastest-generation iPhone for now.

Talking about the problem specification, this time we will discuss the latest smart phone camera of Apple’s. We know that the smartphone with 4-inch wide screen is carrying a 12MP main camera iSight, which is regarded as a significant improvement on the iPhone 5s only has 8MP main camera. Camera iPhone SE also similar to that of the iPhone 6s, this camera also has a variety of the same features as the iPhone’s 6s camera, which are the same resolution, the technology focus of the same fast, true tone flash, an image processor which is new and panorama up to 63MP.

iPhone SE

iPhone SE Camera

If you are a user iPhone 5s with an 8MP camera alone produces photos with good quality, then the question is how the images generated from the iPhone SE camera with 12MP iSight lens hers? whether the exact same quality as that produced by the iPhone 6s? or even more cool result? let the photos below can answer. The photos below are examples of some photos of the new iPhone generation iPhone SE camera.

Can be seen in the example above the images generated by the iPhone SE, the colors produced seemed so ripe for the class of smartphone cameras. Even in the image generated when backlight conditions were also still display the results astonishing detail. Naturally, the latest generation iPhone smartphone into a smartphone-awaited Apple fans, including you.

As information only, you will not only be satisfied by the images from the camera, of the video you will also get the best quality. Because Apple iPhone SE is also equipped with video recording capabilities up 4K resolution which can be easily edited using iMovie.