Second Session Update MIUI 7.2 Already Starting Shared By Xiaomi

Second Session Update MIUI 7.2 Already Starting Shared By Xiaomi, this he ranks Phones That Got – At some time ago, the Xiaomi were surprised by the update MIUI 7.2 is already distributed on the phone Xiaomi like Xiaomi Mi 5, Mi 4s, Mi Note Pro, 4c Mi, Mi Pad 1, redmi Single Note 4G SIM and redmi Xiaomi 1S. Fortunately you are using one of the smartphones that have to first get the 7.2 update MIUI, because the phones above are indeed scheduled to receive the update in advance compared to other types of Xiaomi.

At first glance if we talk about artificial Xiaomi user interface, MIUI has become UI Android which is famous for its distinctive appearance without APP Drawer and provide a variety of exciting theme and free choice for the try. Not even a few who buy a Smartphone or Tablet Xiaomi just to taste the typical appearance of the Xiaomi smartphone. From some of our experiences in me review HP Xiaomi, MIUI UI does have a charm that is high in contrast to other Android Smartphone UI. More looks smooth and simple.

Back to our discussion of the territorial command updates MIUI 7.2 for two, then how about a smartphone like Xiaomi Mi Pad 2, Xiaomi redmi Note 3, Xiaomi redmi 3, Xiaomi Mi 4i, and others who have not acquired the allocation of the latest MIUI update? do not worry, this time there is good news for users who have not received the latest firmware update, because as reported by the website gizmochina stating that the Xiaomi has provided a second session update Xiaomi MIUI 7.2 for mobile phones that previously have not received this latest update.

Then the phone just about anything to get updates MIUI 7.2 in the second session this time? gizmochina mentioned on the website, that is getting an update MIUI 7.2 for the second session are as follows:

  • Xiaomi Mi Pad 2
  • Redmi Xiaomi Note 3
  • Xiaomi redmi 3
  • Xiaomi Mi 4i
  • And 14 other Xiaomi Model

Update MIUI 7.2
It seems that the presence of MIUI 7.2 updates to all devices of this Xiaomi will continue to be done by Xiaomi to provide the best service to users who have been using homemade Android Smartphone or Tablet. Please note that to date this post was published, apparently the latest update to MIUI 7.2 second fleet are not available if you check the updates on every smartphone above, but Xiaomi mention that for updates latest MIUI 7.2 will soon be available in the next few days.

Mentioned by Xiaomi, that MIUI 7.2 is the latest update to fix bugs and improve performance and add the latest security features Anti-Theft feature (Remote Erase). The function of this new feature is to delete the data on the smartphone is lost or stolen via remote control. It seems in this discussion did not bring many significant changes.

Well, but if you are impatient to taste the MIUI 7.2, you can perform the update manually by downloading the first version of its official website MIUI MIUI. In the official website MIUI is already provided various download package in accordance with the type of smartphone or tablet supporting Android Xiaomi MIUI 7.2. Make sure that you download the version of MIUI on your cell phone, do not let one.

Download MIUI 7.2 Update Manually HERE