Some New Features and Changes Leaked Android N

The development of technology today has been very rapid, not least the development of smartphones, both of the components used, as well as its operating system. This time I will talk about the Android operating system, which we know that the most current version of Android is Android 6.0 Marshmallow that has been distributed to many smartphones. It seems that innovation is not enough to Android M who has launched starting in 2015 ago. Now the latest news resurfaced, Google reportedly will soon introduce the latest version of Android as the successor of Android M. After giving a name prefixed with the letter M, now Google will give Android a new name with the prefix letter N.

According to the news, changes and also features the latest Android N will be very diverse, and certainly more attractive than Android Marhmallow. Then what is the name that will be pinned by Google’s Android N this? in addition to having to guess the name of the latest version of Android that will come, we were also made to guess what the hell the new features will be presented in the new version.

Well for that, this article will discuss some of the latest features and changes Android N. Any roughly? curious is not it? yuk, let’s look more below.

New Features and Changes Android N

1. Loss App Drawer Features

The first feature that is likely to be lost on Android N is the loss of the App Drawer. What the App Drawer? App Drawer is board list of the applications that we keep on the smartphone. Usually dariApp drawer activation button available on the main page of the launcher, with a 6 point symbol inside a circle.

This possibility is reinforced by the presence of Google Maps ads in a post on Twitter, the video you can see above. From the video, there is a strange impression that the absence App Drawer is visible on the Android home screen. Without App drawer, and each application can be accessed directly via the home screen launcher (like MIUI).

Does this include the Android N changes to come? we wait and see.

2. Display the Notification Bar What’s New

Furthermore, the latest features of Android N that he probably will happen is a change in the display notofication bar. Although it will be a lot of changes, but the pull of Google’s latest opearsi systems, material design apparently still keenly felt thick.

android NFrom the above picture is the notification bar to see the latest that is likely to exist on Android N. Later notifications seamless design view and were not made in the design of separate boxes makes it feel more luxurious. Even from the screenshots you can see below, on the upper side was seen a few quick-access ready to facilitate its use.

android N

Some quick access, among others, feature Wi-Fi, network provider, then the battery until the button flashlight and other beberpa quick access. And if you pull down the notification bar on Android N, you’ll find quick access as well as that of the Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

3. Hamburgers Button In the Bluetooth Settings Menu

And possible changes in the last Android N is the existence hamburger bluetooth button on the menu settings, hamburger This button is a button with the symbol of three strips overlap each other. We know that during this time Google has not been implemented button like this on previous Android versions up to the latest Android today that Android M.

android N

It looks like Google intends to develop navigation easier to use user. It would be very interesting if indeed this new feature appeared on Android N later.

Now that some of the changes Android N and also the latest features of Android N. latest version of Android, this time will likely be released as soon as possible in 2016. And even Google CEO Sundar Pichai even mentioned that will open online voting to give beberpa name selection in the latest generation of Google’s operating system.

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