Sony Rumored to Release Sony Xperia M Ultra Dual Rear Camera With 23MP

Sony Rumored to Release Sony Xperia M Ultra With Dual Rear Camera 23MP – Having previously a lot of rumors out there that says that the next generation of Sony Xperia C5 Ultra will be available soon with the name Xperia C6 Ultra, which reportedly will carry the front camera is super great. Now, the news about the latest smartphone to be launched by Sony re-emerged, this time the latest news mentions the latest generation of the series Xperia M will be coming soon.

Not just a mere rumor, because in China there this news has circulated very widely. Sony reportedly will soon release Xperia M Ultra. Unmitigated, Sony will equip its latest smartphone with dual rear camera, wow cool is not it? Dual camera also previously had already been adopted by Huawei, with its flagship smartphone Huawei P9.

Sony Xperia M Ultra

Specifications are successfully revealed at this time is still small, but from information reported by GSM Arena, specs Sony Xperia M Ultra will be a little interesting. Because the screen itself will reportedly use a screen measuring 6 inches Full HD resolution, while the sector will spur embedded chipset Snapdragon 652 LPDDR4 coupled with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal memory.

It seems Sony is to innovate differently than ever before, this is proven by granting an extra large battery. We know, smartphone Sony Xperia has never been present with a large capacity battery, but for Sony Xperia M Ultra will be present with the super large sized battery 4280 mAh. Features Quick Charging also presented on this one cell phone to support the rapid battery charging, but it also carries the phone in USB type-C.

Sony Xperia M Ultra

For the matter of security, Xperia M Ultra comes with features fingerprint sensor or fingerprint. We know in advance, the first Sony smartphone that uses fingerprint is the Xperia Z5.

It draws from Sony Xperia M Ultra is located on the camera, where the dual lens camera used in the main part or the back is somewhat extra-large, ie, measuring 24mm by 23mm / F2 OSS & 75mm / F2.2 OSS). The dual camera has a resolution of 23MP. For the front camera is also not in doubt, because it is said Sony will equip 16MP lens / 25mm F2 OSS. Surely this phone will be highly qualified in terms of photography, photo light or dark place? do not worry because Sony delivers the best technology in the Mobile phone camera on this one.

Well what do you think? are you ready for the presence of two latest Sony smartphone Xperia M and Xperia C series? And will the existing dual camera on the Xperia M Ultra will be able to compete with the existing dual camera on the Huawei P9? we wait for his arrival.

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