Specifications Xiaomi redmi 3A Appears in GFXBench, with 3GB of RAM

Specifications Xiaomi redmi 3A Appears in GFXBench, with 3GB of RAM and Prices Cheaper – The release of the latest smartphone Xiaomi named Xiaomi redmi 3A appears to be happening in the near future, the article recently known at one website database a benchmark test that GFXBench already provide the leaked specs which will be filmed on a Xiaomi mobile phone.

Another variant of this third redmi apparently did not carry far different specifications with two other variants such as redmi 3 and redmi 3 Pro. In GFXBench database, the name of this phone is the Xiaomi Land. Specifications redmi 3A or Xiaomi Land posted on the website of the benchmark database is not yet complete, there are still some sectors that have not been revealed until now, such as the camera sector.

Xiaomi redmi 3A

Xiaomi redmi 3A

Well you curious as to what the specifications that will be brought by the latest variant of redmi 3 named redmi 3A or this Xiaomi Land? you can see from the picture below. From the pictures it looks that this mobile phone will bring up a screen with spans 5.0 inches and a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels HD exactly like Xiaomi redmi two series of three others.

Xiaomi Land Specs

It seems that the performance that will be produced by Xiaomi redmi 3A will not differ much when compared with the Xiaomi redmi 3 and Xiaomi redmi 3 Pro, the article from the image leaked specs presented above show that the chipset that will be used by this mobile phone is a chip made by Qualcomm with a series Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 (MSM8940) processor which carries a 64-Bit Octa Core with a speed of 1.4 Ghz. Of particular interest is the use of the GPU, which are pinned on the GPU is Adreno 505 hp.

More great again, Xiaomi unsparing homemade equip phones with Android OS 6.0.1 Marshmallow who would have integrated their unique user interface * with the latest MIUI 7. While the specification Xiaomi other 3A looked interesting is the availability of an internal memory of 16GB and also measuring 3GB RAM. Which is certainly enough to be able to make it run smoothly and perfectly when operating an application.

For the camera, battery and so forth that have not been mentioned in GFXBench sites are still kept secret, but it looks like a rear camera that will be used is a 13MP resolution camera, and a front camera may use a 5MP. As for the battery, according to the predictions of many people Xiaomi redmi 3A will be equipped with a battery capacity of as much as redmi 3 and 3 Pro redmi namely a capacity of 4100 mAh.

While the information sourced from Gizchina, it seems the price will be priced by Xiaomi redmi 3A or Xiaomi Land is cheaper than both variants redmi 3, the price of this phone is estimated to be in the price range of $92.