Stretcher Modular Concept Smartphone, LG G5 Finally Officially Announced

Stretcher Modular Concept Smartphone, LG G5 Finally Officially Announced – As I alluded to mastermind the last post, that in February 2016 precisely on 22 to 25 February 2015 has already lasted an annual event the MWC 2016 event which is of far-Barcelona far today many people are predicting will be a lot of new smartphone will be introduced to the public, not to mention the latest smartphone from LG that LG G5.

Just like the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, finally officially announced the LG G5 is also on the previous day at the event MWC 2016 (Mobile Word Congress 2016). Another interesting thing that brought the mobile phone from LG is in terms of design, because it is the next generation smartphone from LG G4 is no longer with the design brings back cover leather case as what is on the LG G4, LG G5, but the LG design uses aluminum material.

Not only up there any changes to existing designs in this Mobile Phone, other changes brought by LG G5 is present with mobile phone modular smartphone. Where we know that the modular concept gives each component of the smartphone can be separated and we replace with according to our tastes, this seems to be a significant improvement that has been made by the LG, considering that the previous series LG Still struggling on materials made from plastic. Glance LG G5 looks similar to the Nexus product 6P but with a smaller size.



Speaking of LG G5 specs, it looks like we will get a top-class smartphone specs of this phone, because LG G5 brings specs include a 5.3-inch screen, Snapdragon SoC 820 and 4 GB RAM. Internal memory is 32 GB is available, the MicroSD slot. The device is powered by a removable battery capacity of 2800 mAh. Fingerprint sensors have been embedded by LG is located on the back right under the camera. Plus they also have adopted the USB connector Type C.

One of the unique striking and can also be referred to as the advantage LG G5 that does not exist on other smartphones are dual-camera feature. At the rear is clearly visible there are two sensors with lights that flash in between. The sensor is divided into two regular 16 MP sensor and sensor and camera with 135 degree wide angle measuring 8 MP. This technology allows users to take pictures with different angle, especially for a wider angle can be more optimally. Dual camera technology can also be used simultaneously to capture images with layering, where users will be the creation of image objects freely.


LG G5 became the first smartphone from LG that presents a semi modular concept. In addition to a unique way to remove the battery that is the system slot, the bottom of the module the device itself can be replaced with other accessories which have been prepared for the LG G5. LG G5 calls it as Its Friends.

Accessories LG Friends first is a module to control the camera and extra batteries. This module allows users to more easily operate the camera manually like a DSLR camera. With extra batteries available, LG G5 battery with 2800mAh capacity could turn out to be 4000mAh.


While the second is the accessories DAC and amplifier LG Hi-Fi Plus. This module is technologically advanced sound system, to play music with high quality. But for this module does not have the additional battery.

LG G5 and its accessories will be available in April. Available in four colors silver, gold, pink and Dark. In addition G5 LG products, LG also showcased their VR technology is LG 360 and LG 360 VR Cam Headset. Of course, both of these devices can also be integrated with a smartphone LG G5. Well how? if you are interested in buying a modular smartphone LG G5 as inappropriate.