The introduction schedule and Release Date Leaked Samsung Galaxy S7

The introduction schedule and Release Date Leaked Samsung Galaxy S7 – Who can hardly wait for the arrival of the most upscale smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6 into the next generation? Here I am referring to is the Samsung Galaxy S7. Yeah right, this time strong rumor heralded this phone, if the latest smartphone from Samsung has always been a case for itself from various circles, interesting indeed if follow developments out there for more information about this smartphone.

Well this time there is the latest news coming from the site phonearena, this latest news regarding the schedule of introduction and release date leaked Samsung Galaxy S7, was how come?. Before going to discuss the rumors this time, I would remind return to the previous information on the specifications that will be carried by Galaxy S7.

Release Date Leaked Samsung Galaxy S7

It is known that the earlier Galaxy S7 is rumored to be carrying the specs are fairly fantastic, where the latest phone from Samsung will be expected to use the latest chipset from Samsung the Exynos 8890, but the rumor is replaced by another rumor that says that this phone will use a chipset seed from Qualcomm namely Snapdragon 820. While other rumors mention that the Samsung Galaxy S7 will be available for two variants with different chipsets, anara Exynos 8890 and also Snapdragon 820. This news is still not clear truth, as from the official Samsung has not announced it.

Well this time we discuss about the leaked schedule of introduction and also the release date of the Galaxy S7. From the data I got from one of the pages on phonearena, indicate if the claim succeeded phonearena leaks about the time of introduction and the official release of the smartphone that is predicted will be the next flagship phones made by south korea manufacturer named Samsung. Pictures showing the schedule of introduction and release of Samsung Galaxy S7 you can see below.

Now you can see from the picture above, where there is written the introduction schedule and the release date of Samsung Galaxy S7. Recorded from the figure that the Galaxy S7 is scheduled to be introduced on February 21, 2016. As for the release date of Samsung Galaxy S7 own writing will begin to be released on March 18, 2016. It seems that this phone is going to enliven the latest smartphone ready to be released in March 2016 , as was rumored at Huawei P9.

You should know that this phone will bring a screen measuring 5.2 inches with the included features of Samsung’s mainstay on the screen is the Super AMOLED. Then on the body and the design of the phone is scheduled to be released on March 18, 2016, the same as its predecessor, the impression slim plus elegant will you get from this phone, while the main material-making body is also fairly common, because it still uses magnesium, which not only make the body feel light but shows a high level on a line of smartphones in its class. Then on the other hand, precisely the photography section, embedded camera lens is 20 MP which accompanied the main features Britecell RGWB-pixel sensor with the ability to capture the moment becomes more fun and exciting.

Indeed, the time schedule for the introduction and release date of Samsung Galaxy S7 which has been leaked on the page phonearena still not be said to be 100% true, because there is no direct information from the Samsung, so it would be nice if we wait for official information about that.