Today iOS 9.3 (Global) Officially Released, Here’s Latest Features iOS 9.3

Today iOS 9.3 (Global) Officially Released, Here’s Latest Features iOS 9.3 – Having previously experienced a series of updates that long, reaching 7 times the update, now finally iOS 9.3 has been officially released to the global it means that typical users Apple devices supports iOS version 9 is now able to perform this update to iOS 9.3. Still do not know with any device that supports Apple iOS 9 this? the following list:


  • IPhone 4s
  • IPhone 5
  • IPhone 5c
  • IPhone 5s
  • IPhone 6
  • IPhone 6 Plus


  • IPad Air 2
  • IPad Air
  • IPad 2
  • IPad 3rd generation
  • IPad 4th generation
  • IPad mini 3
  • IPad mini 2
  • IPad mini


  • IPod touch 5th generation

In the previous beta version of iOS 9.3 mentioned that it will be many changes and also there are some new features that were brought inside, then roughly what the latest features of iOS 9.3 global version has been officially released Apple today? let said more below.

4 Latest Features iOS 9.3 Global Version

1. Features Night Shift

Night Shift

The new feature in this latest update seems to be one of the features that have been so eagerly awaited by many users of Apple devices. This feature is called Night Shift, which is simple, Night Shift is a detection mode screen on your iOS device to make users more comfortable looking at the darkness. This feature will take advantage of the timing and geolocation mode on iOS devices. As soon as the time and location stated the sun had set, the display device iPhone or iPad will be warmer or yellowish color and return to normal once the morning comes. Yes, this feature can be said to be similar to F.lux for Mac which I believe to your Apple device users are already familiar.

Of course, with this feature, you will not be a hassle adjust the screen brightness of your smartphone when you are in a dark place. With this feature, will screen iPhone smartphone and iPad will automatically adjust.

2. Notes Features That Can Be Protected With a Password

Notes Features That Can Be Protected With a PasswordNotes app, you must have iPhone and iPad users are not familiar with this one application, so this is an application that we can use to write something. Changes in the global version of iOS 9.3 also occur in this one application.

Application Notes that since the development of iOS 9 is equipped with many features, now finally get additional security with password methods. Users can set a password or use TouchID to secure records from being accessed by other people. With this password mode, you do not have to worry anymore if anyone wants to open a cautionary note on your cell phone. Not only that, the latest Notes also supports sorting mode in the form of data created, modified or sort the data alphabetically.

3. News, Health and CarPlay

News, Health dan CarPlay

Three new applications that exist on iOS 9’s get change and improvement is quite interesting. The first is the News application is made more intelligent and personal appear on iOS 9.3 (Global). Users can now see a list view with better news, it is because it is already available menu trending topic as well as Editor’s Picks. You are now also able to play video content directly in the news and support landscape mode for iPad devices.

Secondly, no application Health. Applications that you can use to monitor the health of this third-party input devices have a variety of changes and new features in it. Among other amendments will appear on the list of applications that support the Dashboard tab, including data about the Weight, Workouts, and Sleep. Even Apple Watch users can now easily access records or data Goal achievement of its activities on its iPhone device respectively.

IOS 9.3 This global change is exactly what happened also in applications CarPlay, where this is the feature connects the head unit in the car with the iPhone. There will be support for Apple Music which will feature mode For You and New to accompany you drive. In addition Maps feature can help users to navigate and find important places such as fueling stations, restaurants, coffee shop and a variety of other things.

4. Features iPad for Education

Features iPad for Education

It turns out Apple care to education and now they bring iOS features in Education for iOS 9.3. A new feature this time can be considered as an educational tool for learning, more precisely as a means of teaching and learning in schools. This feature is present to facilitate the admin iPad devices in the computer lab, like doing arrangements of material that can be accessed or also create portals Apple School Manager.

Now that he changes and new features that iOS 9.3 has been officially released today, then how do you think? whether those changes are very interesting for you or mediocre?

You can download iOS 9.3 update for the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. There are two ways iOS 9.3 update for the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch you can do, the first is the alias OTA Updates directly from your device by opening Settings> General> Software Update. Or you can also do the update via iTunes on your computer, this method also can be used for all data backup process.