[Tutorial] How to Distinguish False Or Xiaomi Original With Easy

[Tutorial] How to Distinguish False Or Xiaomi Original With Easy – Often we buy a smartphone, be it a smartphone with famous brands such as Samsung, Sony, Apple, until Xiaomi, we did not know there are many fake Android smartphone on the market. Both the KC (King Copy) or Super Copy, have a lot on the market, the mode is at a cheaper price than the official price.

Well, many of us do not know how to distinguish fake Android phone with the original, this time admin will give a tutorial that you can use to distinguish genuine or fake smartphone, this way you intended for mobile users Xiaomi. The trick is to help application Mi Verification (MiPhone Anti-Fake identificator).

What’s Mi Verification (MiPhone Anti-Fake identificator)?

Mi Verification (MiPhone Anti-Fake identificator) is an application made by the company Xiaomi, which aims to identify the applications where Xiaomi smartphone genuine and fake. In cooperation with the Company Antutu, application Xiaomi Smartphone Anti-Fake try to ensure the accuracy of data using multiple methods of identification. For the present application Xiaomi Anti-Fake is already supporting Smartphone Xiaomi like Mi 1 / 1S, Mi 2 / 2A / 2S, Mi 3, Mi 4, Mi 4i, Mi 4c, redmi 1 / 1S, redmi Note and Series Other recent such Xiaomi Mi 5, redmi 3, redmi Note 3, etc. (NB: not support Pad Mi and Mi TV)

How to Distinguish Fake or No Xiaomi Mi First Use Application Verification (MiPhone Anti-Fake identificator)

1. Go to the official website of the following Xiaomi https://jd.mi.com/ with your PC or laptop

Mi Verification

2. Having already appeared to see the site as it exists at the top, you could be downloading applications Mi Verification by clicking the “Download APP”, if it can not be downloaded from the site, you can download at the link below

Download Application Mi Verification

3. Once the application is successfully downloaded, move the apk file that you had to Hp Xiaomi and install the application as usual

4. If you have successfully installed, then open the application

Mi Verification

Mi Verification

5. Keep in mind that the site https://jd.mi.com/ opened on your PC or laptop was not in close, because this is necessary in the verification process in which the QR code on the site we will scan using Mi Verification application.

6. Click the “Scan and Verify”, then scan the QR Code that existed at the site earlier https://jd.mi.com/ and wait until the verification process is completed.

Mi Verification

7. Once the verification is complete Xiaomi screen and PC will be colored green or red. To test conducted by Xiaomi redmi Note 2 as shown below is the color green.

Mi Verification8. Finish

Explanation Screen Green and Red On Mi Application Verification

Green Screen After Verification Process

Mi Verification

How to distinguish a fake from the original Xiaomi use this application is by looking at the final result of color images that appear, if that arises is green it can be concluded that the Xiaomi phone you are using is genuine. To ensure longer, you can also view the IMEI listed on the results of the verification on the site jd.mi.com just now, is the same as or different IMEI of your smartphone. In this case, the results of tests conducted showed IMEI listed on the web the same as the one on the sticker back of the phone casing.

Red Screen After Verification Process

fake Mi Verification

Conversely, if the screen showing any red color and the lettering “Not a Mi device” as shown above, it means the possibility of your smartphone false. However, you do not have to worry about this, because according to many people who think that if it appears that the red color “does not mean your Xiaomi false”. This can happen because Device Xiaomi’s version of your country (the country where you bought Smartphone Xiaomi) has not been registered on the site server jd.mi.com, or it could be because costum rom or Root problems you will ever make.

You can still check back IMEI upon the verification that red was the IMEI your phone, if the IMEI that is on verification results in red is apparently the same as the IMEI your cell phone, it stands to reason that the smartphone Xiaomi your ORIGINAL, but if the IMEI is different , it is certain that you have Xiaomi is FALSE.

Now that he means to distinguish the original Xiaomi smartphone with a fake, easy does not it? To minimize the smartphone got fake / replica, buy a Xiaomi device through authorized Distributors, like Lazada.co.id it can guarantee the authenticity of your smartphone. Hopefully this article can help.

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